Camp of the Saints…

Europe’s unstable future…

‘… It’s a question of how Europe should develop in the future. We have a population of around half a billion. If the population is largely mixed up with people from a different culture, then Europe becomes a less stable society where the European values of democracy, freedom of expression, gender equality, and support for the secular law may come under pressure. Especially larger groups of people holding on to an orthodox interpretation of Islam are coming, ‘says Matthiessen. …

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  • RevnantDream

    Europe is being invaded with colonists , end of story

  • Observer

    That was really sarcastic to post the song Out of Time, a clear reference to Europe, but where did it go?

  • john s

    I have a question: where does the idea of Europe as a historically united, homogenous society come from? When I was there it was clear that there were a lot fo differences between the various nations’ attitudes toward democracy, secularism, etc. It is hard to protect something that never really existed.

    • tom_billesley

      EU was to stop wars between European nation states, Now they’ve decided to cement European unity by all submitting to mahometanism.