Arms deal with Saudi Arabia under fire after flogging of blogger Raif Badawi

The Canadian government has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure the success of a controversial $15-billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia, a transaction drawing more scrutiny as concern grows over the kingdom’s flogging of a man with ties to Canada.

Ottawa is facing growing calls to intervene as Saudi Arabia administers the latest instalment of 1,000 lashes to Raif Badawi, a Saudi blogger whose wife and children have been granted asylum in Canada. Amnesty International organized protests outside the Saudi embassy in Ottawa Thursday, and NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair is writing Prime Minister Stephen Harper, asking him to do more for the man convicted of blasphemy against Islam.

It was only last year the Harper government celebrated a 14-year deal brokered by Ottawa to supply made-in-Canada light armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia as a historic achievement that will sustain more than 3,000 manufacturing jobs.

Ken Epps, senior program officer with Project Ploughshares, said the 2014 arms deal was unprecedented in some ways for the federal Crown corporation that facilitated the transaction with Saudi Arabia.

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  • cmh

    Instead of meddling in Ukraine and trying to dictate to China on human rights Harper should be sanctioning the kingdom of Sodom Arabia who don’t even let their women drive. Talk about rights violations….the kingdom of sodomites is one of the worst human rights violators and perpetrators of worldwide jihad. As for the guy being flogged….who gives a damn? We’ve got more than enough ‘moderates’ here already. It’s up to the muslims to reform their state, not the Canadian taxpayer.

  • ntt1

    why are we normalizing relations with a country and a culture that is so diametrically opposed to every Western Value.?this is the wellspring of Wahhabism the vile almost puritanical version of islam that has created all the murderous strife around the world.
    I can understand the need for world trade but with a regime that is our defacto enemy?

    • Gary

      i agree, as soon as the 19 muslims hijackers on 9/11 were found to have 15 saudis among them , Chretien should have booted these back stabbing homophobes and pedophiles out of Ottawa. Instead he sent RCMP security SUV’s to escort some saudis out of Canada via the Airport.
      Michael Moore didn’t put that video in his movie because it was meant to make Bush look bad.
      CAIR canada and sheema khan were supported by the saudi money , and the CBC gave lots to TV time to Khan . But she recently jumped ship from CAIR once they were exposed for funding hamas with donations .
      Now the CBC has another muslim land mine with the Iranni background Jian who seems to be a misogynist and racist who beat-up non-muslim white women for kicks. That’s why i laughed at the clown form the CBC explaining that they didn’t show the Mo Toon because their Policy is Tolerance and Respect.
      Jian invalidated that Policy years ago.

  • pdxnag

    Their virulent fidelity to core Islamic texts is no more tame than that of the soldiers of Allah that slaughtered the cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo.

  • Gary

    Where the hell were these yahoos from Amnesty when Chretien and Martin were the PM. It’s not like the Saudi’s suddenly starting killings gays and flogging poeple. Liberals and Amnesty did squat when William Sampson was in a Saudi prison on trumped-up charges , the NDP was obsessed over Maher Arar’s alelged torture in his homeland of Syria even after he told the CBC in 2003 that he was tortured in JORDAN. So Harper get elected and he gets blamed for the Arar scam when Liberal left him to rot all those years Chretien and Martin were PM’s.
    The Arar’s and CAIR along with Jack Layton had screwed us out of about $10.5 million TAX FREE money via extortion to Sue Canada for $400’000’000.00 knowing it would be cheaper to settle out of court that spend Millions over a decade and Win the case based on the overt lies once Arar take the stand and has to tell the truth about being in Tunisia with pro-hamas relatives and going to the Al-Qaeda linked Mosque in Boston that is now linked to the marathon bombers.
    The Arar’s and now upset that Canada won’t help them get a travel VISA to ” vacation” in Saudi Arabia . Their last vacation was to Tunisia t olive with hamas linked relatives and look how that turned out.

    It was amnesty that supporter Maher Arar , so why would he want to go to saudi Arabia and why would AI be silent for the Arar’s but now get upset over this issue. Justin supoort the Whahhabi Sunni mosque and sharia, the CBC should ask him about this allegation since Justin see the Saudi’s as peaceful muslims.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      He wants to go to Sodom Barberia to pull another $10 million scam…kuffar, they are so dumb….

  • Minicapt

    We could offer to exchange Tommy for Badawi, as a humanitarian action.


  • elodhw

    Doing business with the Saudis is like doing business with someone who keeps trying to break into your home and take over. When will Westerners ever learn? I know, not until it is too late. And this from Harper, one of the few hopes the West has of beating Muslims (although he has only come so close as to use the term “Jihadists”).

  • Raymond Hietapakka


  • moraywatson

    I recommend a prisoner exchange. Canada will give Saudi Arabia all of our muslims in exchange for Raif Badawi.