After Paris, everyone is talking about Muslim immigration, and not just in Europe

Crowds of Muslims descend on Washington, DC, September 11, 2013. Source.

…There are simply too many cases on the books now not to believe that there is a powerful current among these Islamic immigrants that abhors belonging and demands ruling. And it is not only in Europe, but it is also in Canada and the United States, where anti-Semitism and the subjugation of women in particular are present in the minds and manners of too many Muslims.

Indeed, in America itself, we need only to look critically at the trial now starting in Boston of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, accused in the Boston marathon terrorist attack. He comes from quite a family. Not only are young Dzhokhar and his late older brother suspected in the bombing, but his mother and two sisters were earlier accused of shoplifting and various other crimes.

So the question then comes down to one word: Why?

Why was this family — Muslims all, from the extraordinarily brutal Chechen ethnic region of Russia, with no means of support in this country and with no loyalty to American principles — allowed to migrate here? The odds that they would succeed, given their background and the rage they HAD to have in their hearts against the world, were virtually nil…

  • About Bloody Time.

  • Observer
    • Ron MacDonald

      It’s worse, Turkey recently announced it will provide benefits to Turkish women with children living abroad. The West has to stop letting in Muslims.

      • Observer

        And repatriation of so called `refugees’.

  • Xavier

    We need to change the laws so that immigrants cannot ever become full citizens, and children born to immigrants in the host country should not automatically become citizens; they might qualify to become citizens after careful review and if the parents and children assimilate, stay out of trouble, and off of public assistance. Retaining a cultural heritage from the old country is fine but if it threatens the well being of the host country or its citizens the entire family should be exiled.

    • tom_billesley

      Provided the cultural heritage is cuisine and folk music, and not a death cult.

    • That would be unfair because many immigrants DO blend in and so do their children.

      But, then again, they wanted to be American or Canadian, not just be in those respective countries.

      Crucial difference.

      • Xavier

        Why unfair? Announce the rules and let them choose to immigrate here or not. There is no unfairness in that.

        • I have no problems setting conditions and restrictions. Indeed, those should be evident.

          I am a daughter of immigrants. Should I or my family have to prove my worth legally even though we’ve blended in, paid taxes and believe in this country? I’ve paid my dues. Why not go after the sponges who make it clear during the immigration process how they feel? That is no place or time for political correctness.

          The chance to root out the beggars is BEFORE, not after.

          • Xavier

            I do not know how Canada works, but in the U.S. it is illegal to punish people retroactively. My comments were intended for immigrants from this point on, not people already here.

            I believe that would root out the beggars before, and not after – as you say.

          • I see.

            I do have a problem with retroactive punishments. Even if the parents are pantloads, someone let them in and now the kids will be penalised.

            Start screening immigration officials first. That way, no political correctness will not get in the way of objectivity.

            One hopes.

          • Xavier

            Certainly a multiple point approach is needed to revise immigration policy. First, we need to stop the bleeding – which means seal the borders. It is no crime to admit that there are desirables and undesirables and people we feel deserve sanctuary from persecution, like the French Jews and basically any Christians in the world, should take priority. Current policy mandates we accept x number from Somolia, x number from Pakistan, etc. That is insane. People should be judged by their character and actions and prediciment, not country of origin.

            As for the parent/child conundrum you present: the solution is mercy and an individual examination of every case – and the absence of mandated penalty laws that cannot be altered. We must be able to trust judges (and yes, immigration officials) to do their jobs properly. When immigration levels are brought down to manageable levels, the workload will decrease and issues like this can be addressed in a timely and equitable manner.

            I am simply saying what seems fair to me – others may have better ideas. But it is something to think about, and obviously something needs to be done before we become France or Sweden. Before finding this blog, I had no idea things we so bad in Canada.

          • It’s time to be incredibly discerning. If the recent influx of immigrants shows one that X immigrant is less likely to learn an official language or be tolerant, then it’s probably not a good idea to allow them entrance. However, most people are too cowardly to point this out.

            If the screening processes are good, there is no reason to eject first generation Canadians or Americans.

      • Malcolm Y

        Don’t care whether it’s fair or not; don’t even care if we send them back they’ll be lined up against a wall and shot. We need less “diversity” less “vibrancy”

        • No one said anything about political multiculturalism. There are immigrants who want to be Canadians and then there are the sponges who have no place here. Go after the latter.

    • Alain

      I disagree since that would punish every immigrant due to those from one category only, which signifies a serious problem with the screening and selection process. I would however like to see a much longer waiting period before being able to apply for citizenship along with the deportation of landed immigrants (non citizens) and refugee claimants found guilty of committing a criminal offence excluding minor traffic violations. I have no idea what it is now, but in the past there was a 13 year wait before being able to apply for and to obtain Swiss citizenship. Why not require 10 years for Canadian citizenship? Also being born in Canada should not automatically grant citizenship.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I really don’t see Obmerica tweaking Muslim immigration. If anything they’ll bring more ‘refugees’ in. In Liberal Obamerica, some Syrian waving an AK as he stands on a pile of bloody children’s corpses isn’t the problem; white people who go to church are the problem.

  • cmh

    Yes, it`s all talk. No action will be taken. John Baird is currently wasting your tax dollars in Egypt trying to free a guy who is a `Canadian of Convenience` and who is employed the world`s largest terrorist propaganda organization.

  • Politicians will regret these instant voters’ blocks.

  • Petr

    Finding muslim terrorists… the only difference from minesweeper is that the numbers reported are not reliable… you have one life.

    Good luck.

  • Malcolm Y

    The Tsarnevs were let into the US because their Chechen uncle married the daughter of some high official in the US “security establishment.” The uncle was in that murky world of “espionage.” They were/are classified as “refugees” or something like that I.e. they were/are in danger if sent back. But, of course, it’s all garbage.