3700 “child” boat migrants have disappeared in Italy

At the end of last year there were 3,707 children unaccounted for who arrived in Italy by boat, a quarter of minors who came ashore, Interior Minister Angelino Alfano has said.

Speaking in Palermo, Alfano said 26 percent of minors who arrived in Italy by boat had gone missing.

“Up to December 31st in Italy 3,707 foreign minors were registered as untraceable, of a total 14,243 minors who disembarked in Italy,” he said.

The proportion of children who disappear in Sicily is higher than elsewhere in Italy, with authorities unable to trace 1,882 out of 4,628 arrivals.

Alfano went on to say the government has launched a “specific mission unit” to deal with the cases of missing children. The aim is to stop them falling into criminal hands and “the exploitation of underage prostitution,” the interior minister said…

Note that the “children” could be up to 18 years old (the age of majority in Italy). I rather suspect that most of the “missing” are closer to 18 than toddlerhood.