Wynne’s ‘carbon pricing’ is a cash grab

Here’s what you need to know about Premier Kathleen Wynne’s looming “carbon pricing” scheme, which Environment and Climate Change Minister Glen Murray re-announced Tuesday.

It’s not like it’s a secret. I wrote in the Toronto Sun on Dec. 27, that, “All signs point to 2015 as the year Kathleen Wynne imposes carbon pricing on Ontarians” and it was just about the easiest prediction I’ve ever made.

As in most things they do, the Liberals never announce something once, but five or six times.

But what Murray didn’t reveal in his interview with the Globe and Mail is the only thing that matters — what kind of “carbon pricing” scheme?

  • Oracle9

    Excellent Sun News summary of the real costs of “green” energy (link below) – about 5X the market price.

    I am awaiting the radical enviros’ relief and approval when they queue up to pay $1,000 per month for their home electricity bills, once the wind farm subsidy is removed.


    • The Liberal’s Green Energy Scam.

    • minuteman

      Lefties are so mathematically challenged they don’t understand this. I think this is what got us into this mess in the first place. They don’t understand percentages and they don’t realize how much bigger a billion is than a million. I think they really are that stupid.

      • Oracle9

        Marxist brainwashing has been a great source of frustration and of interest to me, and is very well-illustrated in the important Glazov work “United in Hate”. Much of what we see are the results of decades of Marxist thought infecting our society. The effects reside in the amygdala of the afflicted, are constantly exhibited to us by the radical left and most Western leaders, and is as thus:

        The amygdala is the primitive center part of the brain, which controls fight-or-flight respnse, fear and… hatred. Higher functioning – rationality and love reside in the outer cortex and its effects are more ethereal and fleeting.

        Once the hatred takes root (the foundation of the forms of Marxism), it is almost impossible for the afflicted to recover and excise this effect. Hence their minds are impervious to facts. I have case studies which go back 20+ years with no results in deprogramming attempts.

  • CodexCoder

    The Ontario economy is on its knees and lower gas prices have provided some relief to the battered citizenry and a lower Canadian dollar has increased exports so that industry might have a chance of coming back. Into this picture steps the “can’t stop spending” Liberal government with yet another industry killer – a “me too” carbon tax.

    How long will it take before a tax revolt starts, with under the counter bartering, and so many false declarations that the same government can’t possibly track all of them (think “Italy” if you want an historic example)? Haven’t the Liberals noticed that the more you tax, the less you make (reference economist Thomas Sowell).

    What this government needs is austerity – for public servants. No more cushy benefits, lavish pensions, and over priced salaries. The debt is not going away on its own, and you can’t tax enough to eliminate it. Letting people work will solve the problem.

    • jayme

      I would suggest people spend time on some left leaning news sites according to liberal supporters Ontario has a surplus and is not a have not.

    • This will be a crippling burden for residents and the province. Wynne is criminal to even consider it.

  • Alain

    Nothing more than another money grab by a failed government, otherwise they would place it on their election campaign. None are willing to campaign on this non sense, since they know they will lose the election. The federal liberals attempted it and just about got wiped out, so the approach now is to try to sneak it in afterwards through the back door.

    • Justin will try.

      • Alain

        I can only hope the Liberals actually campaign openly as an election promise, because it won’t fly with the majority of voters.

      • Clausewitz

        And if he succeeds it’ll be bye bye Alberta. They will not stand for NEP II.

  • Ron MacDonald

    It’ time to bring the province to a standstill to force an election.

    • jayme

      Won’t happen the 416 and 613 control Ontario and odd enough are the two biggest muslim areas.

      • Ron MacDonald

        All that has to be done is to shut down the 400 series highways, a couple of hundred people can easily do it.

        • jayme

          I know in Ottawa it won’t matter as most Lib supporters live downtown and don’t use the highways for example some want to turn the west lanes of the parkway into a park.

          • Ron MacDonald

            Shut the province down for several days and retailers will quickly run out of products to sell.

    • How I wish.

  • David Murrell

    Note that (1) will gasoline prices falling, and (2) Ontario is in big time debt, that Wynne’s government will bring in a carbon tax, soon. This, when nothing of this sort was debated in last year’s election. Another stab in the backs of businesses, which are suffering from I taxes and high costs. Wynn and her cronies don’t care.

  • mauser 98

    plain theft to bribe teachers , unions and to paper over multi $$$billion boondoggles,
    under funded public pensions

  • mauser 98

    also toll roads to “pay” for PanScam games in the works

    another black hole

  • DMB

    Glen Murray & Kathleen Wynne want to bring a carbon tax to Ontario. This is now part of the LGBTQ agenda after gay marriage. Glen Murray is a member of the Toronto Metropolitan Church which is basically a gay activist ‘church’ lead by Brent Hawkes who is a high level gay activist in Toronto. On their web sites climate change is a ‘holy sacrament’ in their ‘church’ so for Wynne & Murray they see implementing a carbon tax their religious duty in the service of the Earth God Gaia. http://www.mcctoronto.com/ase/social-justice-climate-change-ase-1530

  • minuteman

    I wonder if they realize that carbon dioxide is a by product of fermentation. We should be paying a carbon tax on ethanol, beverage alcohol, soda and breathing. Why can’t they just increase one of the other myriad taxes that we pay on fuel instead of creating a new one. Do they really think they are fooling anyone?

    • Clausewitz

      It seems that George Harrison KNEW WHAT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT…..


    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Soda isn’t produced by fermentation.
      Carbon dioxide is forced into the liquid under pressure.
      It’s a form of carbon sequestration.

      • minuteman

        I know soda isn’t a product of fermentation. What happens to the CO2 as it off gasses and goes flat? What happens to the CO2 when you drink it? I don’t know but I suspect it isn’t digested and changed into something else. I suspect it goes out one or more orifices.

  • mauser 98

    Wynne’s Ontario

  • Consider what you might pay (for example) for milk. Multiply that by five.

    Where are the riots?