The Troubling Math of Muslim Migration – Preventing a Paris-style attack is, in part, a numbers game. Americans don’t seem to be paying attention.

A major Islamist terror attack in France was only a matter of time. For several decades, the country has invited immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa en masse – first to bolster the labor force in the rebuilding years that followed World War II, then out of multicultural impulses that prevailed over prudential considerations. That radical Islam was transplanted to France, grew in strength and extent, and bore this week’s hideous fruit was not difficult to predict. The same is not unlikely in Sweden, Belgium, Germany, and elsewhere.

Demographics may not be the whole of destiny, but they are certainly a good part, and across the Atlantic, the United States seems increasingly to be turning toward Western Europe’s most undesirable demographic trends.

  • Xavier

    If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice
    -Neil Peart

  • Destroyer-Drone

    Twitter leftists are drooling over this, they’re posting it everywhere:

    • Xavier

      Like most leftist propaganda, the lie is in the presentation. The number of terror arrests are not the number of terror attacks or the number of victims; why should there be an infographic for “Selected terrorist attacks in Europe” – that’s so obviously biased it’s laughable; if public estimates of Moslem population are high, it indicates more problems per Moslem (the critical PPM index) than expected in the actual larger population; if the perception of Islam grows worse as Moslem population increases, it’s a direct reflection of awareness and personal contact with Moslems – and an indicator that the media’s narrative of the Moderate Moslem fails as non-Moslems become exposed to Islamic beliefs.

      • Destroyer-Drone

        What this diagram leisurely ignores that even a small minority status for muslims wouldn’t prevent islamisation from being a reality. There’s actually a good article about that on FrontPage Mag:

        The Ottomans seldom needed to settle the Balkans to islamise the place, meaning the introduction of Shari’ah in the land. In fact, every form of islamic imperialism drains the territories it conquers from all its valuable elements, beginning with the local population itself (e.g. Devşirme). And islamised Europe is no exception to the rule.

        Moreover, this interpretation of current demographics is highly misleading. They should check the birth rates and median age instead.

        • Xavier

          I’m very familiar with ‘What Islam Isn’t’, and you are correct about the birth rates and age – most predictions are based on immigration rates only, and many people seem to think only a majority can overthrow a society. The critical point appears to be between 10% and 20% – basically the point of no return – but I suspect a complicit government may reduce those numbers.

  • winniec

    Numbers. If you have even one terrorist per thousand who takes Islam’s violent texts seriously, you presently have 10,000 Islamic terrorists in Canada out of over 1M. Even if it is halved, 5,000 Islamic terrorists or even 1,000 Islamic terrorists in Canada could do a lot of harm. I personally believe from the opinion surveys that there are approximately 2,000 potential Islamic terrorists in Canada and another 3,000 who would join if recruited. According to opinion surveys, about 160,000 Muslims in Canada are sympathetic to terrorism.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    What’s happening here in the U.S. is partly the result of Obama in the White House and partly the doing of the culture of the State Department, which is un-American if not anti-American.

  • Achmed

    You’ve already lost!
    This is from 6 years ago and the numbers of immigrants and births has only gone up. You’ll never have enough babies to defeat the birth bomb now even if you stop all immigration! You only have yourselves, the socialists in your societies and your pandering politicians to blame.

  • Islam is only numbers gone bad.

    More Muslims = more problems.

    “There is more to fear in one terrorist than to celebrate in 99 well-adjusted immigrants.” Theodore Dalrymple