The Third World War: It is a silent war – so far.

My fellow Europeans. It is very sad to bury so many young innocent people, murdered by extremist Islamists just because they criticized Mohammed in cartoons or were born Jewish.

The murderers are not just ‘terrorists’. They are murderers. The difference between them and other murderers is the purpose behind their evil deeds. They don’t want to frighten, they want to convert you. What did they want to achieve with the murder? These murderers are “acting” in the name of “Allah” which means that their target is to convert Europe to Islam. To establish Islamic and Sharia rules.

For the European leaders and people who don’t understand, I’ll try to explain. In an article I published several years ago I emphasized that the biggest silent conquest in human history is taking place right now. It is being accomplished by the Muslims who have invaded Europe, either legally or illegally. It is a religious invasion.

It is the silent part of the coming religious war.

h/t MP