The Third World War: It is a silent war – so far.

My fellow Europeans. It is very sad to bury so many young innocent people, murdered by extremist Islamists just because they criticized Mohammed in cartoons or were born Jewish.

The murderers are not just ‘terrorists’. They are murderers. The difference between them and other murderers is the purpose behind their evil deeds. They don’t want to frighten, they want to convert you. What did they want to achieve with the murder? These murderers are “acting” in the name of “Allah” which means that their target is to convert Europe to Islam. To establish Islamic and Sharia rules.

For the European leaders and people who don’t understand, I’ll try to explain. In an article I published several years ago I emphasized that the biggest silent conquest in human history is taking place right now. It is being accomplished by the Muslims who have invaded Europe, either legally or illegally. It is a religious invasion.

It is the silent part of the coming religious war.

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  • winniec

    “Le grand remplacement” is the great, grand replacement of Europeans by peoples who hate them and their way of life. This is an intentional, consistent plan of European Marxists following the Frankfurt School, a plan proposed by them in the 1920s. The Marxists could not be elected generally, so they chose to ‘replace’ the electorate. They have fired, sacked, locked out Europeans in order to bring in ‘scabs’ who will support their Marxist agenda and work for low wages. Europeans are discouraged from reproducing in a number of ways so that the replacement peoples can reproduces at a rate six times higher.

    Anyone can see the French banlieu’s will soon explode with frustration that will be channeled into Islamism. There will be rivers of blood.

    • Speaksvolumes

      Europe is a powder keg waiting for its spark.

    • Alain

      How true and let us not forget there are plenty of followers here of the same marxist ideology as promoted by the Frankfurt School. We cannot help Europe, but we can or should reject the same thing happening here.

      • truth

        as a kid I watch them enter BC now I see them in Alberta if we don’t stop them we are in big trouble it is real hope we do some thing fast

  • David Murrell

    On keen observer of Islamic terrorism, a Canadian, and a person rarely mentioned on this web site, is John Thompson. He is the director of a small think tank in Toronto, a conservative think tank, called The Mackenzie Institute:

    Anyways, immediately after the 9/11 atrocity he put out an essay entitled “Welcome to World War IV”. In it, he stressed that we are in a war, and stated why, just as this posted essay above explains it so very well. Mr. Thompson mentioned that World War III was the cold war, largely won by the West.

    One point not discussed that heavily, amongst we BCFers, is that, since we are in a war, what can ordinary citizens to help the good side (the West)? When I was young and at university, I used to while away some slack time reading old TIME and Newsweek magazines, at the university library, published during World War II. One of the things that struck me was that this war was a total war whereby every person did his or her part to help out the Allies. Example: the magazine ads featured how so-and-so company (e.g. “Brand X toilet paper”) was helping out fighting the Huns and the Japs. Kids collected scrap metal.

    Anyways, this morning, while my wife and I were CBC New morning broadcast the latest on France, and other Islamist attacks, I mentioned to her that “We truly are in a war”. Constructive discussions, I think, ought to be how we can all get involved to fight Islamism. Maybe this is implicit in our discussions on this site. But we are truly in a war.

    • We need to badger our Politicians at every level. I see so many instances of Islamists insinuating themselves into the public sphere that I do not report them all.

      We are complacent because too many yet are unaware. That is changing but it will require all of us as individuals to become more vocal. I and other sites like this are still too few in number though I am heartened by the significant increases in readership year over year.

      • Censored_often
        This might be a good starting point for some investigation.

        • All Too Much

          A couple of the folks on that list are called “community activist” and “leader.” I’ll keep looking, but so far I have not found a “community organizer.”

        • Mickey Oberman

          Not only must this suicidal invasion be stopped.
          It mustn be reversed.

    • All Too Much

      WW4. Could not agree more. I read a book sometime back which made the same point; maybe the same author. My father fought with the Marines in North Korea in December 1950, during the, cough, Cold War. He’d make that point from time to time.

  • Mal

    More people need to read Lawrence Auster. Since his passing in 2013 his writings and website have been preserved, thank goodness. A clearer view of the threat facing the West you could not hope to find.
    Here is the speech he gave in 2009. The section of it wherein he speaks as an successful (and therefore imaginary) president dealing effectively with islamites is a tour de force. I would be thrilled beyond measure to hear an actual president or prime minister set this policy into motion…

    • Yes he is missed.

    • All Too Much

      Thank you for sharing Auster’s article. Only half way through it and need a break to let my brain settle. Awesome.

      • Mal

        I get you. I am a very recent reader of his, I’m ashamed to admit. I wish I had known more about his remarkably clear and sensible work before now, ATM.

  • I know very little about Auster but what I do know doesn’t inspire massive confidence. Here’s a comment I left ages ago over at David Thompson’s:

    I’m responding to a fanboy of his 5 comments up.

    I should give him a chance, though; I’ll read the article.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Europe is a lost cause.
    America is on the same path.
    I hope Canada stops the silent invasion before it becomes yet another EU or US.
    We still have time but not much.
    Every Muslim, without exception, allowed into our country is a potential terrorist.

    • Censored_often

      Hear, hear! I’ve known this in the marrow of my bones since 9/11.

  • Barrington Minge

    Won’t be silent when they come for me – getting an AK47

    • truth

      we have to stop them thy control the world price in oil all so every one needs to know this all so an ak47