Steyn: Where’s the Lead in the Pencil?

So, for all the viral hashtags and Helen Mirren wearing a pencil brooch to the Golden Globes and George Clooney declaring “Je suis Charlie”, what’s left of the staff at Charlie Hebdo nevertheless got the message: You’re still on your own. We’ll send you a supportive Tweet, but that’s it. Murderous-rage-wise, we’d rather you remained the focus. Hey, but we’re all really looking forward to next week’s controversial cover!

  • Je Suis Wishy Washy!

  • ntt1

    I support complete freedom of speech but that does not mean I agree in any way with the bitter far left drivel that the magazine produced. yes I support them and the loss of life was horrendous but I just don’t have a lot of time for progressive twits

  • Clausewitz

    Our school system has produced a whole new generation of slacktavists who are too lazy to stand up for what they supposedly believe in. It’s not what you can do for your country, but wht your country can give to you. Pitiful.