Report: Last Words Heard on Crashed AirAsia Flight Were ‘Allahuakhbar, Allahuakhbar’

AirAsia Flight QZ8501, a flight out of Surabaya, Indonesia and bound for Singapore, took off early Sunday December 28, 2014 in what can only be described as violent weather.  The pilots, amidst the storm, radioed in, asking air traffic control for permission to turn left and climb to a higher altitude to avert the storm. A little while later, the plane crashed into the Java Sea, taking the lives of all 162 of its crew and passengers on board.

Search teams began looking for traces of the aircraft upon discovering that it was missing, only to find debris and several bodies floating 60 to 120 miles from the aircraft’s last known location over the Java Sea. Of the 162 people on board, only 48 bodies have been recovered so far.


  • But it was the nothing to do with Islam Allahu Akbar.

    • BillyHW

      Is there any other kind?

  • ntt1

    This is creepy, was that not the last words of the french air craft that dove into the atlantic? that flight was out of south america bound for paris I believe, it took over a year to find the wreckage as it was very deep.

    • BillyHW

      No, you are confusing flights, those were the last words of the Air Egypt copilot that committed terror-suicide, not Air France.

      • ntt1

        Right you are.

  • surya

    I think in this context Allahu Akbar means “Oh god, we are going to die, shit.shit shiiiiit…..” Not as battle cry for terrorist/

    • ntt1

      I guess muslims don’t have the dreaded jesus nut but instead have mohameds spincter

    • Possible.

  • john700

    Well, if the pilot or co-pilot was Muslim it is understandable. Facing death, many people would mention God’s name.

  • What does the flight recorder say? Did it indicate that the pilot deliberately fly the plane in such a way as to make it crash?

    • Minicapt

      The flight recorder says “Call back in two weeks time”.


      • AlanUK

        According to the BBC (but it might still be correct) the black boxes are not sealed against water – something about them becoming over pressurised during flight. The boxes will be full of water and the first stage is to dry out the box and its contents – PCBs, electronics etc.
        The voice recorder is straight forward although it gives a full recording of all sound in the cockpit as the pilots would have heard it. The flight data recorder has all the technical details and has to be interpreted to match in with the sound.
        In some cases the voice recorder gives the full answer but the 2 can (and should) be matched together to get the full picture. Hence the delay of a fortnight (2 weeks in US money).

      • D’oh!

  • The_Infidel_01

    I said to my wife, what do you think the last words recorded from the air asia flight were. her answer, ally snackbar.