Police raid press of Turkish daily publishing selection of Charlie Hebdo’s new issue

A private security employee stands guard at the entrance of daily newspaper Cumhuriyet’s offices, in Istanbul. REUTERS Photo / Murad Sezer

Police raided the printing press of Turkish daily Cumhuriyet on Jan. 14, as it prepared to distribute a four-page selection of Charlie Hebdo’s new issue in an act of solidarity with the French satirical magazine targeted last week in a deadly attack that claimed 12 victims.

The police also took extreme security measures ahead of the scheduled publication of the supplement.

Police cars were sent to the printer of the daily in Istanbul early on Jan. 14 and halted trucks to prevent the distribution of the Jan. 14 edition. The distribution was eventually allowed after the prosecution made sure that cartoons representing the Prophet Muhammad were not included in the selection…

unnamed-4Turkey’s three leading satirical magazines, Leman, Penguen and Uykusuz, have opted for a common cover Jan. 15 in tribute of Charlie Hebdo, the French weekly targeted by a deadly attack last week that has been a source of inspiration for prominent Turkish cartoonists.

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