Obama WAS In Paris; Ultra-Orthodox Racists Photoshopped Him Out – satire

Washington, January 13 – White House officials on the defensive over President Obama’s apparent absence from Sunday’s rally in Paris were taken aback by the charges that he had neglected to attend or send high-ranking representatives, since he actually was present – but then the officials were unable to rebut the accusations when they discovered that all the image and video files of the president in the front row of the demonstration and memorial service had been edited by racist Jewish religious radicals to remove evidence of his presence.

Furor over President Obama’s ostensible failure to show sufficient solidarity with France and the victims of recent terrorist attacks there focused on his assigning the task to the US Ambassador in the French capital, and the failure to insist that a higher-ranking official represent American sympathy and support even while Attorney General Eric Holder was in Paris.

But before White House spokespeople were able to rebut the charges of presidential diplomatic and political incompetence, they found themselves unable to find audiovisual evidence, despite seeing it themselves just minutes before. In fact administration officials were unable to find the original files even on remote servers and in independent or foreign hands, the hackers had been so thorough…