Obama administration working 24/7 to enforce blasphemy laws

Obama is a shill for Islam. Hardly a day goes by when he, or someone in his administration, doesn’t do something that proves it. Some days, the garbage spews so fast it’s difficult to keep up. Just this week alone, the cow manure that was dumped on the American public (and the entire world) came fast and furious and without shame.

There was the predictable refusal to name the enemy, even after the jihad attacks in France. Obama’s determination to avoid taking this most basic step has become a dangerous obsession.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Obama isn’t a shill for Islam, he is a Muslim himself.

    • Linda1000

      Born to a Kenyan muslim father, he is definitely muslim. This is why in divorce cases under sharia law, custody of children around 9 or 10 years old always goes to the father. The mother is only allowed custody for very young children up to a certain age. It’s one of the reasons muslim fathers married to Western women take their kids and disappear back to their home countries because it’s legal for them under sharia in islamic countries.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

  • Ron MacDonald

    After he is out of office there should be some great books exposing his pro Islamic and green energy leanings.

    • Achmed

      With any luck he will never leave the White House!

    • Xavier

      I’m looking forward to a Secret Service tell-all.
      They hate him.

  • Achmed
  • Xavier

    I am going to ask this again, for rhetorical purposes.

    If apostasy is the most grievous crime in Islam then why don’t Muslims around the world condemn Obama?

    They celebrate together at his yearly jibber-jabber dinner, and no one asks about his abandonment of the faith?

    • That is easy.

      Obama is practicing taqqia in his position as president. This is one of Islam’s tenants. As a student at a madrassa in Indonesia, he was clearly introduced to this Muslim practice.

      He is deceiving non-Muslims in the name of Islam.

      It only proves he is a Muslim. And other Muslims think he is doing a good job.

      • Xavier

        My point precisely. Thank you.

  • Just a thought

    Islam is a destructive and murderously evil cult. Muckmudd the perverse was a liar, and insane (and no prophet)!

    Gotta give the Grand Mufti Of Washington a stick to chase.

  • minuteman

    Lets see… Muslim father, muslim step father, madrassa educated…. appoints muslim brotherhood member to be homeland security adviser… nah it’s just crazy talk to say he is a muslim.