#noapology: Muslims stage angry protests over Charlie Hebdo’s Mohammed cartoon as Boko Haram terror leader hails Paris massacre

Filipino Muslims set fire to a banner with a picture of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a protest at what they described as ‘double standard’ practices of the Western media against Muslims in the wake of global call for condemnation following the terrorist attack at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo’s decision to depict the Prophet Mohammed on its front cover today has angered Muslims around the world who called it a renewed insult to their religion.

Around three million copies of the French satirical newspaper hit the stands this morning for the first since the terror attack on its office which killed 12 people…

…In the Philippines, there were angry protests at the front cover and also the perceived double standards by the West.

Placards by demonstrators in Marawi were held aloft which accused the West of remaining silent over the deaths of Muslims and that said ‘You are Charlie, I love Mohammed’…

…It came as Nigerian extremist group Boko Haram hailed the Paris massacres.

‘We are indeed happy with what happened in France,’ the group’s leader Abubakar Shekau said in a video posted online.

‘We are happy over what befell the people of France… as their blood was shed inside their country as they (try to) safeguard their blood,’ he said…

The protesters denounced Charlie Hebdo for featuring Prophet Mohammed in their latest edition