Muslim Coffee Shop Boss Faces Death Threats for ‘Je suis Charlie’ Sign

A French Muslim coffee shop owner has received death threats after displaying a sign reading “Je suis Charlie” outside his London café. Adel Defilaux says a man stormed into his business, The Antishop, in Brick Lane, East London, at 9.30 yesterday morning, demanding he take the sign down.

However, Mr Defilaux remained defiant, at which point the man became aggressive and warned that anyone who supported the French magazine should die.

  • glasnost

    “I feel weak by myself with my little café trying to fight against him…”
    This has become the form of terrorism that will affect the greatest number of peaceful people. It’s obviously impossible for the government to protect each citizen against this embedded threat. The most effective anti-terror legislation would be to allow citizens to participate in defending themselves.

  • moraywatson

    Look, this clearly has “nothing to do with islam”. I mean islam itself has nothing to do with islam, so how can one muslim threatening death to a perceived apostate be islamic in any way. Let’s just cut out the bullshit and accept that mohammed’s little prank 14 centuries ago was just like a Dalhousie facebook group that got out of hand.

    Muslims are wonderful, and the world need lots, lots more of islam, not less. And fuck off all you islamaphobes that don’t understand that mohammed is perfect. Now go forth and marry six year olds, the world will be a better place.

    I feel better now. Again fuck off all you infidel islamaphobic kaffir shitting idiots.

  • truthdareisay

    Islam or bust!!! Bumper sticker on car.. “I die for Islam” Moderate Muslims in Toronto and elsewhere in North America… “Sure I believe in free speech but…”

  • John
    • eMan14

      The light’s in the University’s are not only getting Dhimm, but in some cases they have been turned off.

  • Glenfilthie

    I am watching all this with the wry amusement of a man whose life has been spent people-watching.
    I like you, BCF, and I like your message: for the short term radical islam is a pox on humanity and it needs to be dealt with proplerly – and that almost certainly includes the use of violence – and killing the worst ones as an example to the rest.
    But what of the long term? Will modern liberalism destroy islam the way it did with Christianity? It is already taking a damn good run at Judaism as well.
    If I understand the situation correctly most of the staff at Charlie were leftist scum that had actually – finally – seen the light and smelled the coffee with regard to Islam. Other than that they were all leftist f-tards and if the moslems want to kill them they can do so with my compliments. About the only victims that I would avenge would be the cops and the innocent bystanders that may have been killed.
    Likewise – it may be horrible to say…but I hope every single one of the victims of 911 were democrats. They insist on getting in bed with moslems and acting as there apologists…wouldn’t it be nice to think that one guy who pitched out the 75th floor head first to escape the flames…wouldn’t it make you feel better if he was the same kind of sanctimonious moron that votes for men like Obama?
    I think moslems that kill liberals and democrats should get medals. That is social justice I can live with. And, if they kill responsible, ordinary and worthy citizens – we should put them down without a second thought!

    • pdxnag

      So foolish of you to immunize Republicans in your missive. You are all alone. Here’s a link to get you caught up:

    • mobuyus

      You are pretty liberal with all your killing and wanting to give medals to murdering muslims.You’re at risk in your new world order.Feeding crocodiles and letting them decide who to eat is extremely risky to you.

    • Minicapt
      • Glenfilthie

        Please don’t post your selfies, Minicapt. It makes you look desperate and trashy, quite frankly… Fact is, if sanctimonious liberal meat heads hadn’t come up with multiculturalism and flooded their countries with human trash from the third world and the middle east…none of this would have happened. And if my political enemies are going to kill each other I don’t care who wins – all I want is a high body count! It’s going to get much worse before it gets better.
        As for me…I’m ready for these sub humans. They’re actually cowards if the truth be told – that’s why they attack unarmed women, children, and liberal beta males who can’t defend themselves. I find it most encouraging though…even the liberal anglo Saxons are starting to wake up the the filth that is Islam…and they are beginning to hate.
        Things can only get better!

        • Minicapt

          You’ll never catch up with the events, waving your little fist in presumed ire; perhaps you should try to espouse a more agrarian persona.


  • Surely the Borough of Towelhead Hamlets can get him for obstructing the footpath with his Charlie sign …

  • pdxnag

    Anyone trying to enforce the Sharia must be viewed as an immediate mortal threat. This is no different than the flash mobs that converge in any of the 750+ Sharia no-go zones in France. The enforcement of a claim of competing and exclusive sovereignty under Islam and Sharia is an act war. The only question is whether you must wait for a threat to be carried out or whether can you act – with deadly force – immediately upon receipt of the threat.

  • This is the perfect example of how Islam creates fear.

    An unknown Muslim decides to enforce sharia law on his own.

    As long as Islam continues to preach hatred and encourage devout followers to be self initiating in the enforcement of sharia, any Muslim may be the next killer.

    Read the whole process at:

  • glasnost

    Change the setting from East London to a city in Texas…

    • Minicapt

      … downtown Austin …