Methadone “Muslims” charged with plotting to blow up Canada Day celebrations plead not guilty

Korody appeared petite, peeking out grimly from under her bangs — all but hidden beneath an olive-coloured shawl. Nuttall was tall and imposing with a Marine-style haircut in a grey suit with a buttoned-up white shirt.

The Surrey couple sat impassively in individual docks, three identical empty Plexiglas boxes separating them.

Nuttall seemed relaxed, regularly scanning the packed courtroom with a smile.

Korody rarely glanced around at the public gallery and when she did, she was tight-lipped and sombre.

The pair regularly exchanged longing looks and mouthed messages.

Now these two were convert nutters…

  • Martin B

    Islam is an amazingly powerful loser magnet.

  • ntt1

    There was a time when losers like this would become obnoxiuos “jesus freaks” as in ;”I was all messed up on drugs, now I’m all messed up on the lord”. Islam has replaced fundamentalist Christianity as a magnet for broken people.

  • Just a thought

    “Of course we aren’t ‘guilty’. Killing non-Muslims is not only permitted, but required. Duh!”