Islam a European reality, there to stay, Turkish PM says

An inspirational graphic someone thought to make, about the historic Battle of Khaibar against the Jews. You can read about it on this Islamic site.

Islam is a European reality and Muslims across the continent are there to stay, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu told journalists while returning from Berlin late on Jan. 12.

“There is a settled persuasion that a solution can be found via accepting that Islam is a European reality,” Davutoğlu said, commenting on the hot debate over rising Islamophobia in Europe.

“This was very clear in Mrs. [Angela] Merkel’s speech today,” he said, in remarks that came hours after a meeting with the German chancellor. “However, I doubt how much of this persuasion has spread among some sections, especially among those with prejudices.”

“Islam is there to stay in Europe. Everyone sees this,” he said, adding that today it was impossible to send back Muslims in Europe as if they are just temporary migrants.

Turks have been living in Germany in large numbers for over 50 years, the prime minister said, noting that a rise in racism is linked to economic crises. He particularly highlighted the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West (PEDIGA) in Germany as “sending very dangerous messages”…