France must abandon pell-mell accommodation of Islamism

“…The European policy response to the Islamic diaspora has been “multiculturalism.” Specifically, the notion that Muslims—and other third world immigrants—not need fully assimilate and become culturally French, German or British to live harmoniously with native Europeans.

France’s extreme adaptation, “secularism,” is to ignore religion and race altogether and statutorily relegate those to the personal sphere. For example, Muslim women are prohibited from wearing veils in public.

Doing so, the French government tacitly embraces the myth that Muslims can peaceably be part of France without assimilating the values of the Enlightenment that define the French character and culture.”

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I have an awesome idea!
    Eliminate all of the “sensitive urban zones” (AKA: No-Go Zones).
    If you are unable or unwilling to do that as a nation state, then you are not serious.

  • Frau Katze

    Not going to happen. The Charlie Hebdo crowd were leftists themselves. I predict: nothing will change. The event will fade into history.

    The Islamists might double down and try a second attack. We’ll see. An organized attack (like this one) needs time and planning. A lone wolf might pull off something less lethal though.

    But even if they do, nothing will change.

  • The French PM Valls said in a speech yesterday that “France is not at war with Islam” but only with Islamic jihadists. Merkel took part in an anti-Pegida March. Cameron has not changed his stance.

    Clearly, albeit the bloody events of last week and the Vox Populi expressed in mass street marches, the governments of Western Europe have no intention of tackling the root of the problem facing them – namely, the exponential growth of Moslem population through immigration and other means and the consequent gradual and often violent Islamization of Europe – by acknowledging that it (the root) is Islam as such, i.e. the Koran, the Hadiths, Sharia.

    From this realization, I now think that there is no likelihood of the problem of Moslem invasion and Islamization being solved by our governments until actual civil war spontaneously erupts. They will let the wounds fester until gangrene sets in. This is not a call to civil war, but a prediction of a historically likely event. It may start with massive riots by Moslems, which the governments will have to quell and then things will get worse and worse.

    The reason our governments are doing nothing is simply, and understandably, because their declaring Islam as such to be the enemy they would merely accelerate this inevitable event – namely, Moslem revolt. The danger posed by this do-nothing course is that problem will inevitably get worse, with increasing Moslem population and Islamization. Moreover, Moslems will be more and more numerous in government and other positions of power and may take over peacefully as projected in Houellebecq’s new book (where a Moslem is elected, just as Obama was elected in the US or Hitler in prewar Germany).

    Clearly, the whole issue is very difficult to resolve. Only time will tell how it all ends.