Fahrenheit211: Here’s another thing to hate the Labour Party for

Governments like it because they make money from it.

There are many reasons to hate the Labour Party. There’s the big stuff of course, the economic mismanagement, the damaging levels of immigration, the Islamopandering, the political correctness and the attacks on free speech to name but a few. However, there is one policy brought in by the last Labour government that impacts every person, every day and even in their own homes, and that is deregulated gambling.

Why on earth the so called ‘people’s party’ thought that having heavily promoted gambling facilities available 24/7 would be beneficial to the nation I really don’t know, but who can see logic in Labour’s reasoning in any of their policies? It is beyond belief that a party that believes itself to be on the side of working men and women should think that encouraging people to gamble and to trust in the slippery phantom that is ‘luck’ was a good thing…

  • FactsWillOut

    Gambling should be deregulated.
    I should be able to buy VLT’s, put them in my establishment, and keep the revenue generated.
    This article is collectivist nanny-state trash, promoting a government to protect people from themselves.

    • Clausewitz

      Government run gambling is just another tax. Proline is the biggest scam going. The difference between the paybacks in Vegas and the Ontario government is enormous. I’ve always looked at is as a tax on stupidity. The paybacks no where match the odds on winning.

  • Exile1981

    The gov’t usually pushes for more gambling as a source of income.

    • Frau Katze


  • Rosenmops

    A certain proportion of the population is going to get addicted to gambling if it is available in the community, and it will destroy their lives and their families. That man who murdered 8 family members and then killed himself in Edmonton last week was a compulsive gambler with huge debts.


    The government should not be encouraging people to gamble. What next are they going to open whore houses? Anything to make a buck.

    • Clausewitz

      Well they are talking about it in Toronto, but the hoity toity neighbourhoods don’t want in in their backyards.