East London café threatened for placing #JeSuisCharlie sign outside – owner says he won’t back down

After putting up a sandwich board with the message “Je Suis Charlie” outside his deli-shop in London’s Brick Lane, owner Adel Defilaux says he was followed inside and threatened by a man who said that anybody supporting the satirical magazine “deserved to die”.

The slogan has become a symbol of the mass movement created after the massacre of 12 people at the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine, but the man demanded that Mr Defilaux take it down because it was offensive to Muslims.

When Mr Defilaux responded that he was himself Muslim, the man turned aggressive:

“He said: ‘The people in Paris deserved to die. If you don’t remove the sign, something is going to happen,’ and then he left.”

Mr Defilaux, who is originally from Marseille but has lived in London for five years, said he had put up the sign to support everyone in France and had received no complaints from anyone else.

He added: “I get on with all the community here. We are opposite a mosque and all my neighbours are Muslim and no one else has had a problem with the sign…