Britain will descend into ‘vigilantism’ unless security measures are stepped up, former MI5 boss warns

Demonstrators shouted ‘burn burn USA’ as the American flag went up in flames, in response to a 2012 YouTube trailer of a mover which portrayed the prophet Muhammad as a womanizer and child abuser.  Source.

Britain will descend into “vigilantism” unless security measures are stepped up to counter the “vulnerability and fear” that people feel in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, the former head of MI5 has warned.

Baron Evans of Weardale, who as Jonathan Evans worked for the Security Service for 33 years, also warned that the world faced a build-up of trained terrorists not seen since al-Qaeda ran training camps in Afghanistan before 9/11.

He spoke in a House of Lords debate as police forces prepared to deploy officers at newsagents selling a special issue of Charlie Hebdo depicting the Prophet Mohammed after extremists said it would “definitely” provoke fresh terrorist attacks.

Around 2,000 copies of the controversial magazine are being sent to Britain, where they will be sold by a small number of independent retailers after major names including WH Smith decided not to stock them.

On a day when the head of Europol told MPs that up to 5,000 Europeans pose a terrorist threat after going to Syria to fight, Lord Evans said the “hesitancy” of the Government to “engage with the religious dimension of the threat we face” was making it harder to prevent young men becoming radicalized…