Bill Whatcott 1, CBC 0


Whatcott wins $30,000 in libel judgement against CBC.


  • Bert_1

    Good for him! We need this story to get out for the sake of all Canadians. This should strike fear into the hearts of all Canadians:

    “Not only had the reporter claimed “these flyers are at the heart of the Supreme Court case” when they were not, but he failed to explain that the contentious poem had been followed by an immediate, powerful disclaimer that “Bill Whatcott does not want people to be killed,” but rather wanted homosexuals to repent.

    Moreover, Whatcott was actually parodying an anti-Christian pop song called “Kill the Christians,” which had itself been the subject of a hate crime complaint, put out by a group calling itself Deicide. The Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission decided the song was not a hate crime because nobody would take a song as a serious incitement to action. Whatcott had simply changed “Christian” to “Homosexual” for his flyer.”

    So, “kill the Christians” is art but “Kill the Homosexuals” is hate speech? The human rights commissions need to be disbanded.

    • Alberta has one of the nuttiest HRC’s around.

      • Bert_1

        Isn’t that the truth? And, in many ways, ironic. So much for our “redneck” image…

    • Justin

      God bless Whatcott for what he is doing.

  • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

    The CBC underestimated Mr. Whatcott’s intelligence. I think it’s because of his religion and his views. Hooray for Bill Whatcott! AND thank you, thank you, thank you to Kathy Shaidle for finding this story and BCF for displaying it.
    I wonder who his lawyer is? Hmmmm….

  • beosh

    Not at all happy that taxpayer are on the hook for this. Especially when Bill clearly has a hate on for homosexuals