Another Muslim Convert Caught in Terror Plot, to Bomb US Capitol

This isn’t about race. We’re talking about a white kid who starts reading the Koran and plotting to murder Americans. Swap out the Koran for Das Kapital and you’ve got Lee Harvey Oswald. This should be familiar history to us.

  • ntt1

    he will do well in prison.the arse lifting will be far more than 5 times a day.

  • Linda1000

    Meanwhile in Ottawa, we have an alarming number of possible converts. Wonder if JT took the introductory Islam 101 course.

    • Censored_often

      Perhaps JT and Obama are studying the koran (small “k”, despite spellcheck’s Islamist predisposition) together on Facetime or Skype?

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    Another mentally unstable person drawn, like a moth a flame, to the ‘religion’ of Islam.

    Another in a long line or recent news makers.
    And, like the other mentally unstable converts to Islam who proceeded him, the media will focus on how he is also mentally unstable, instead of discussing why these mental-midgets never become Buddhists or Jains or Hindus.

  • Petrilla

    Drawn and quartered in the town square with his parents and children watching. hasn’t hep pen since 1500 but I think just one would be sickening enough. Drag the bloody hand murderer of drummer Lee Rigby. Kill him in public . Drag the murderer to his death in public, just once would do it. I can see future .The next time a Muslim kills an innocent Christian kid, I see this. Not that bottered anyone in Rotherdam, eh? We don’t like Canadians talking about this, oh yeh? You would think a Canadian might say something aboughtbyou Oxford University press telling writer not to say pigs pork or bacon or sausage. You pathetetic pantywaists. Oxford, I do believe Canadians saved your precious arsres in WW2. Sometimes, I wonder why. You had better back down on this on soon. You are already a laughing stock. AAnd pathetic. The news of this today showed not only are you arevweakwilled Inc pathetic but no one in your lovely 150 countries, oh are they Muslim, will ever buy your books.

  • mauser 98

    father of stooge interviewed on CNN, said nothing wrong with converting to Islam

  • Censored_often

    Another freak demonstrating the fact that only complete nutjobs convert to Islam. The true scenario we all know is this: a mentally ill individual is attracted to Islam due to its violence, misogyny, etc. etc. etc. This cancer needs to stop spreading!

  • groan

    Well that’s what you get …
    for teaching the WEST IS BAD and everyone else, look how WONDERFUL they are