WTF? David Cameron defends Charlie Hebdo’s right to publish new Prophet Mohammed cartoon

David Cameron has defended Charlie Hebdo’s new Prophet Mohammed cartoon by saying while he finds mockery of his own religion “unpleasant” it is simply part of living in a “free country”.

The Prime Minister dismissed concerns British stores selling the magazine’s latest edition could be targeted in retribution attacks during an impassioned defence of freedom of speech.

Mr Cameron said that you cannot “appease” a “fanatical death cult of Islamist extremism” and said newspapers should be free to publish whatever they wanted.

The support comes amid some criticism for the satirical magazine’s decision to publish a depiction of Prophet Mohammed holding a “Je suis Charlie” sign in its first edition since the Paris attacks…

…Mr Cameron, who attended a solidarity march in Paris over the weekend, was asked on Heart Radio if he feared stores selling the new Charlie Hebdo edition could be attacked…

The leader of the UK is reduced to pleading the case for free speech?