Why are Ghomeshi’s charges of so much more interest to the media than former right-hand man to Kathleen Wynne, Ben Levin’s?

Ben Levin back in court

  • Exile1981

    Because the media is talking about one and the other is being kept from seeing the light of day by 90% of the media. So the average Canadian never hears about Wynne’s friend’s interest in little boys.

  • cmh

    I think the bigger story is the curriculum change in grade schools that reflects sexual grooming. This is the real cancer. No one will touch it because to fight it shows you are intolerant, racist, homo-hating and bigoted toward all those ‘special fucked up gender people’ who are to be thought of by everyone as normal or you will go to jail.
    Scrap the charter. Take back our country from the deviates at the supreme court.

    • And I would not be surprised to hear Levin’s paws were all over it.

  • ntt1

    Once again Sun News is the only media outlet covering this well connected pederasts trial, In a stunning turn of events it seems levins homosexuality has trumped ghomeshi’s muslim identity.

  • Gary

    Why is it that the Media won’t go near a pedophile story when it’s a same-gender pervert as we see with the maple Leaf gardens rapist that was a homosexual-pedophile. If the perv is a heterosexual white christian they go nuts while the Feminists love it to bash all males and christians.
    But look at the cases like Wayne Williams, John Gacy , Jefferey Dahmers , and a few others that not only were homosexual-pedophiles by serial killers that murdered the boy to shut them up.
    When a man like Jian from the CBC assaults women for kicks and they are White non-muslims , he’s not called a racist or misogynistic pig and abuser. His colour and faith give him a pass.
    When teachers are pedophiles going after students the media stays quiet about the genders of the victims when it man2boy rapes , but a man to girl rape makes front page white the TDSB and Union still protect them .

    Maybe this explains why Wynne and PRIDE in general can’t see how harmful it is to children by the overt Nudity from the TNT naked males that break the federal laws that protect children from pervs. The same-gender culture must be a mental disorder to not see the harm they inflict on others while they use their won hurt feeling to play the victim.
    Child abuse used to be a crime in Ontario, but when the PRIDE-Police on duty now choose to ignore federal laws meant to protect chidlren , we’re screwed if Wynne and Ben Levin get their homoerotic sex-ed forced onto little children in the guise of Tolerance and Diversity.

    The Public needs to set up a new Police Force that answer to the Public and not the Human Rights Commissions that dictate who must obey the law and which group can break them. Wynne already runs the OPP and knows she won’t get in trouble with them to cover for her, the Toronto Police take orders from the Leftist progressives and HRC’s.

    Lets see if John Tory stops the child abuse and obeys the Federal laws, or will he join the puppets that fear the homofascists that can ruin lives and get people fired from their job.

  • k

    Thanks Michael for doing what others won’t
    Thank you so much for speaking up for children and trying to keep them safe.

  • k

    If a child is BORN Gay that’s great! ^_^
    If a child is sexually abused as a child and BECOMES Gay …THAT is NOT right.

    A child should grow into whom ever they were gifted BY BIRTH to BE

  • Edubeat

    The story has been off the table for a long time now. People have very short memories and reading stories about education issues is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Uncle Ben will walk free. You watch