Turkey to pay Turks living abroad to have more children

Turkey’s government is set to include Turkish mothers living abroad in a newly introduced incentive program to encourage procreation, which offers 300 Turkish Liras for a couple’s first child, 400 liras for the second, and 600 liras for the third.

Speaking in Berlin on Jan. 12 at a meeting that brought together Turks in Germany, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said the “gift” announced in Turkey last week would be extended to Turks abroad.

“We could not deprive you of the gift that we offered to the employees working under the Turkish social security system,” Davutoğlu said, addressing Turkish women working abroad.

Turkish families will receive the announced “gift” from the Turkish consulates after documenting new births, he added.

Another incentive, a fundraising program for children with a 15 percent contribution from the state, will also be offered to families abroad, Davutoğlu said…