Seven Shoddy Excuses Lefties Use to Justify the Massacres in Paris

1. “You can’t shout fire in a crowded theatre.”

This hackneyed faux-truism is the Expecto Patronum of squishy liberal apologists. That is, when the going gets tough and they’re forced to do that difficult thing – defending free speech – they reach desperately for this magical formula, rather as Harry Potter does when faced with the Dementors. Once the phrase has been uttered, they seem to think, the argument has been made for them and the nasty, scary problem will go away – as no doubt the Lib Dems’ Vince Cable did when he used it in the most recent edition of BBC Question Time.

But the analogy just doesn’t work for at least three good reasons.

  • It’s the shout of ‘allahu ackbar’ in public places that is associated with trouble these days.

  • Hard Little Machine

    What were the shoppers in that kosher market promoting and shouting about that requires their censorship?

  • mobuyus

    You may shout Fire in a theater if there is a fire, and those cartoons to me were the equivalent because there is a fucking fire that no one seems to see hear or speak of.

  • Gary

    You can shout FIRE if you are in the movie and it’s part of the scene .

    I used to be shocked when non-muslims feared offending muslims and assumed they would riot and kill people. My shock was that muslims weren’t offended that they are now seen as predisposed to violence and will be set-off over the least slight to islam and muhammad.
    But now i see how millions of muslims were that savagery like a badge of honour that they will be the one that allah can rely on to die for him killing those that don’t treat the murdering misogynist homophobe pedophile with respect because he THEIR murdering misogynist homophobe pedophile that they love and exalt as the perfect man .
    They also pray 5 times a day to a meteorite inside the Cube in Mekkah.