Paris’s Muslim Suburbs Blame Jews for #CharlieHebdo Attack

SEVRAN, France — As more than 1.5 million people, including 40 world leaders, converged on Paris on Sunday to rally for unity after terrorist attacks that left 17 innocent people dead, three young men in tracksuits and hoodies lounged outside a fast-food restaurant 10 miles north of the city in Sevran, one of France’s poorest suburbs.

Mehdi Boular, 24, who said he was married with two children, and two of his friends, did not attend Sunday’s rally.

“We’re Muslims,” Boular said. “They might have killed us if we’d gone.”

But even though the flags of Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia were flying at the rally in Place de la République and Muslims were well represented among the marchers Sunday, Boular said the attacks in Paris were part of a plot masterminded by Jewish conspirators.

“The Kalashnikovs, the identity cards the [killers] supposedly left behind, it was all staged,” said Boular, as his friends nodded in agreement. “It was a conspiracy designed by the Jews to make Muslims look bad. We’d rather just stay where we are.”

  • nobull

    “We’re Muslims,” Boular said. “They might have killed us if we’d gone.”

    ummm, no – mooslims are the killers, you’d been safe. In fact, more mooslims need to protest the “extremist” because so many are silent and that in and of itself, makes a huge statement on condoning the murders.

    • Achmed

      This was all provoked by Charlie Hebdo’s hatred of Muslims!

      People ignore that if Charlie Hebdo had ever run anti christian or anti jew cartoons that the christians and jews would have gone on a murderous rampages.

      • Xavier

        That happens all the time here in the States. That’s why the U.S. media doesn’t dare criticize Jews or Christians; the streets would run red.

      • You got it Achmed.

      • nobull

        Hebdo has run cartoons mocking Jews and Christians (one of the “offensive” cartoons in fact, had a caricature of Jew w/muddhamid) – so I’m reading your comment as sarcasm.

      • moraywatson

        I’m surprised muslims are even allowed to write the word “mohammed”. I mean when you write the word it starts conjuring up “images” of mohammed himself in one’s idolatrous mind. The word is basically a depiction, heck even saying “mohammed” out loud leads to the same problem. Someone should issue a fatwa forbidding muslims to write or say the word “mohammed”.
        PS: I’ll put a sarc tag on my comment, if you put one on yours.

      • Nan

        Oh, you mean like the ones the media refused to report on when people found out about piss Christ?

    • They Muslim who hid Jews in the freezer at the Kosher supermarket now is fearful of reprisals. Likely from Baptists.

      • winniec

        The compassionate Muslim is not-Islamic-enough. The Koran says, ‘those who follow Mohammed are VIOLENT against disbelievers, but COMPASSIONATE between one another.’ K. 48.29

    • winniec

      Nobull, You are correct. Western civilization is built on the Golden Rule and critical thought. Muslims are steeped in delusion and paranoia. Most Muslims are never introduced to the concept of rationalism.
      The paranoid thought that he would be hurt is called ‘psychological projection’…he attributes his supremacism and intolerance to liberal, Western people who believe in his right to free speech.

  • mobuyus

    They don’t need the help of Jews to make islam look bad.These people are too fucking stupid to survive into the future.We have Vietnamese now that can cook better Kabbob we can thrive without these mongrels.

    • I could live without Kabbob.

      • mobuyus

        The Vietnames guy in my neighbourhood mixes and spices his meat fresh every night.Not at all like that frozen gyro log.

      • moraywatson

        If you take away islam’s “kabbob” and “kabboom” what else do they really have as a threat?

  • Gary

    LoL .

    “We’re Muslims,” Boular said. “They might have killed us if we’d gone.”

    Finally they now know how gays and non-muslims feel about their muslim-only NO-GO zones with violent islamsits on welfare wanting to kill infidels for allah.

    It’s said that a thief is usually the first one to accuse other of stealing , so his comments speak volumes about being the first one to accuse others of being rabid savage killers. Boular is just projecting his inner quranimal death-cult onto the crowd to assume he’d be killed.
    It’s much like the Backlash-o-phobia by muslims that fear the backlash that never comes because in reality that too it telling that they assume that’s what they would do as we saw with the cartoons and the real backlash.
    It’s gotten so bad for the lack of backlash that Imams are vandalizing their own mosques and calling 9-1-1 and the media to play the victim. But the Cops are getting smarter by the alck of witnesses and how the security video system is shut off that night by mistake.
    gee, an Imam wouldn’t lie , would they???

  • Observer
  • roccolore

    Of course, all those ungrateful Muslims are on welfare.

  • Nan

    Why do Jews get all the best conspiracy theories anyway? It isn’t fair.