Ottawa Take Note: Europe’s unassimilated populations, openly hostile to their host countries, continue to grow.

“The New York Times ran a front-page article after the Charlie Hebdo massacre on Europe’s “dangerous moment.” As terrorists rampaged through Paris, ultimately killing 17, what was the cause of this particular alarm? That anti-immigration parties in Europe might gain.

The Times article captured perfectly the reaction of polite opinion to the Paris attacks, which is driven almost as much by fear that someone might notice that Europe has an immigration problem as it is by fear of the terrorism itself.

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  • cmh

    There is a federal election coming. It appears we’re doomed between a rock and a hard place..

  • Hard Little Machine

    You’d better go and visit the Eiffel Tower while it’s still standing. Either the NY Times poor oppressed Muslims will blow it up or the French government will dismantle it because it offends them.

  • Frau Katze

    The state of denial is beyond belief

    Some of the Paris suburbs are infamously known as “no go” zones, where there is essentially no official footprint. These areas are not just alienated from the French state; they are actively hostile to it. After cataclysmic rioting emanating from these suburbs in 2005, the phrase “the French intifada” began to gain currency. In a book of that title, author Andrew Hussey describes it as “the guerrilla war with police at the edges and in the heart of French cities.”

    This conflict is, Hussey argues, the continuation of France’s long, fraught interaction with colonial populations by different means and on different terrain. It is exacerbated by the tension Muslims feel between their religious identity and the secularism of the French state, with Islamic radicalism beckoning as a source of perverse purpose.

    Although France’s problem has peculiarly French characteristics, bound up in its history and national identity, a version of the Paris attacks easily could have happened in Britain, Sweden, the Netherlands, or Germany. They, too, have Muslim populations that, in some areas, haven’t fully integrated.