Muslim child executioner

Nothing To Do With Islam Of Course… Muslims Use Child To Execute Two “Russian” FSB Spies

The video can be viewed here.

Ashimov Sergey executed Russian Agent

Ashimov Sergey executed Russian agent

Mamayev Jambulat executed russian agent

Mamayev Jambulat executed Russian agent

  • Exile1981

    Nope islam doesn’t program kids from a young age to hate and kill, nope. Oh wait there are those dozens of hamas tv shows teaching that and there are those suadi arabic ones, oh and the ones on al jazzera.

    • Yup and Boko Haram detonated 3 weaponized school girls of about 10 yrs. of age over the weekend in two separate incidents.

      • Exile1981

        As a father the idea of using kids as weapons is so counter to my person that I can not understand how anyone who was not seriously mentally disturbed could choose to use children as bombs.

  • The cult of Islam starts at a young age.

    How much proof do you need?

  • mobuyus

    When amnesty international finds the little shits corpse they will howl over civilian casualties and be joined by the likes of Justin and his fellow travelers.There are no civilians left in these areas.Bring out daisy cutters,rock-eyes and fuel-air -explosives and be done with this god-forsaken patch of useless land.

  • Karmel

    Where did this take place? Can we expect to see that evil child among the 10,000?

  • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

    Sickening. One would think this would unite the world in fighting (via any means) this death cult.

  • whatever..

    1- Ignorant people are in every culture Such as (KKK,ISIS,NAZI,Zionism,Qaeda , African gangs, Extremism along the history against Jews & colored people)

    2- Radicalism against everyone even their own people who stand against their beliefs (check the murders against Muslims by ISIS )

    3- Believe me a lot of these radicals and ignorant people they don’t even practice Islam (Like praying 5 times a day) i.e. they are only Muslims by roots & uneducated

    4- Don’t isolate Muslims ,Isolate radicals . The fate of radicalism is to vanish eventually

    5- I’m sad for the distortion of Islam by the acts of cold blood terrorists. Check plz this article by a Christian Professor