Marching against Islamists, 40,000 angry Germans take to the streets in growing backlash after Charlie Hebdo massacre

Snug in her bright woolly hat and fur-lined pink boots, the three-year-old girl was perched on her father’s shoulders last night, waving a German flag. Her older brother, aged six, stood proudly beside them.

The children were far too young to understand why they had journeyed four miles from their home, in the suburbs of Dresden, to be among this vast crowd on a chilly winter’s evening.

They had no idea why so many people were holding black placards bearing white crosses and strange French names, and slogans such as: ‘Yesterday Paris, tomorrow Berlin!’ Nor why they had to be silent for a full minute as a mark of respect for innocent people who had died.

  • jayme

    Europe trying to protect there culture and know how bad Islam is while in Canada we have people calling for Canada to be a Islamic State.

  • Censored_often

    One of the big problems in Canada and the west more generally is the sacred cow of (apologies to Hindu readers for using this antiquated phrase) or shenanigans (apologies to all Irish readers and Canadians of Irish descent) associated with the twin sanctified concepts of multiculturalism and political correctness, both of which reinforce each other in a never ending spiral leading to so-called Human Rights Commissions (kangaroo courts), etc. etc. etc.

    Ottawa, wake up! Canadians, wake up!

    It appears the Germans have, the French have… well, at least partially now. Obviously October didn’t seem to have too big an impact on the masses of Canadians, or did it?

    • Education by Murder helps, little by little people are waking up.

      The political class fear this and will continue to extol the virtues of Islam while clamping down on the truth. The truth that Islam is incompatible with western values yet they themselves are guilty of having encouraged mass immigration from Muslim countries and enforcing politically correct censorship.

      • Censored_often

        Hear, hear!

  • Morticiaa

    So little coverage and the only coverage of these types of events portray them as ,’right wing’ and as a movement to be shunned.
    Hopefully Merkel will be out soon.. The paradigm must change. It is now only in the beginning stages of that and it will have to get much worse first… Really there is no problem with that happening. We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Look around you and realize that about 60 Percent or more of those so called moderates here, around us every day, in school, at work, at play, are those who support with their daily prayers everything Islamic and if the choice came would stand with the values of the terrorist groups because they despise all the values of this great country and hope with time and increase in their numbers to replace us and our values with islam.