Make Bernie Farber Al Sha-Baarb’s replacement at the OHRC

Babba Hall is finally too fat to fit inside Ontario Human Rights Commission offices so the Liberals are looking to appoint a new Public Leach and Chief of the joint.

Bernie is highly qualified for the position.

1) He’s an idiot

2) He’s an idiot who believes in censorship

3) He’s an idiot with the PR skills of a slug

4) He’s an idiot guaranteed to have the public demanding the closure of the OHRC in record time.

5) He’s an idiot


Question: If Bernie Farber Is Tapped To Be the Next Head of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, Will He Have to Give Up His Day Job of Trashing Canada’s First Prime Minister?

  • Reader

    You forgot one item: He’s a Lieberal.

    • He used the CJC as a Liberal PR house. When CIJA was formed they held a party to celebrate his leaving.

  • SDMatt

    He’s an idiot who’s wrong on just about everything.

    • That too.

    • ntt1

      its kind of a warped talent,he is not even a broken clock just perpetually slow.

  • Clink9

    You’ve nailed Burny again where it counts Blaze.

    • I hope he gets the Job, it will be a target rich environment. Bernie Loves Islamists.

      • Reader

        Burnie loves attention, any attention.

        When he brings attention to his activities and that of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, he will only put doubt into much of the public’s minds as to what if any purpose they server as the Wynne government brings Ontario to the verge of bankruptcy.

        I’m talking about financial bankruptcy since they are already morally bankrupt.

  • eMan14

    If being an idiot qualifies him for that job, it would seem he has it in spades.

  • sanwin

    In short , He’s an idiot ?

  • Paul

    oh great 🙂 Big Chief Lochen’ Kop is still gaming to be Ontario’s Grand Inquisitor tirelessly working to promote misfits, perverts and lunatics as the new normal. All in the name of (cough) “social justice”, naturally.

    NB: that item in the Toronto Red Star, Crescent and Swastika reads like it was bought and paid for by his sugar daddy using his PR company to cut a cheque to pay for this so-called “news story”.

    • Progressive Liberal

      The Village People are racists!

      See how they misappropriated the Plains Indian culture by wearing that headdress?

      • Paul

        racist? …ya think? … although they do represent basic archetypes of gay manhood identities so it must be ok to Liberals
        (nice touch by the the dude in front having his handcuffs hanging out on full display. verrrryyyy Liberal of him 🙂

        … correction, to Bubble Boy, they’re referred to as the “Shtel People” cuz he’s Jewish ya know and nobody knows he’s gay (according to him 🙂

    • Waffle

      LOL!! More noodles, please 😉

      • Paul

        … see above 🙂

  • ntt1

    He is a manchurian candidate with an ocean of banal stupidity hidden and waiting for release. Send in the farber, destruction will surely follow.

  • simus1

    Not a high profile catch this time out for a top slot on Shiny Pony’s dream team?
    Talk about ignoring extraordinary talent.

  • k

    AHAHAH! OOOOOOOOH that was a good laugh ^_^!!! I needed that Thanks ^_^