Largest Islamic Body in the World Calls for More Anti-Free Speech Laws in Wake of Charlie Hebdo Attack

Last week’s terror attack targeting French magazine Charlie Hebdo‘s office in Paris has sparked a global conversation about the nature of free speech, with the “Je Suis Charlie” hashtag in support of the murdered Charlie Hebdo staff going viral and becoming the most used hashtag in the history of Twitter.

But this afternoon, the UN representative for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Ufuk Gokcen, was expressing another view with respect to free speech.

  • Barrington Minge

    Off we go again. These mooslims just don’t get it do they?
    Look Moohamhead, the reason you are being ridiculed is because of the way your lot behave.They kill, burn, amputate, disfigure women, hump goats etc etc and then expect normal civilised people to bend over backward to accomodate your 7th century “values” and apologise for the offence you feel.
    In the long term, 21st century civilised value will prevail. All you have to do is realise that.

  • Xavier

    We need an interviewer to calmly tell their Islamic guest, “We are not going to limit free speech and we are not going to stop drawing pictures of Muhammad.”

    Then listen closely as he tells the truth about Islam.

    • Exile1981

      But the media will never do that because it would make islam look bad and the media is backing islam.

  • Xanthippa Socrates


    As in U-fu*k?

    And he wants censorship of vulgarity?

    Might want to start with his own name…

  • roccolore

    Muslim fascists want to replace the Western laws with Sharia and will use the Western courts to engage in litigation jihad.