Israellycool does some photoshopping: Abbas Bombing

On Sunday, I posted about Mahmoud Abbas’ presence at the Paris solidarity rally in honor of the terror attack victims and noted him smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Highly inappropriate, but then again, so was his very presence at the rally.

So incensed have I been that I stewed on it yesterday and came up with the idea to start an Abbas-bombing meme. The idea: placing smiling Abbas at the scene of various tragedies and atrocities.

He includes the cut-out of Abbas plus more photoshops here.

  • Clausewitz

    Abbas will never forget because to him it was a day of Islamist Triumph.

    • Gary

      The savages in palestine handed out candies and danced in the streets.
      Time to Zero in a Nuke on mekkah and put Muslim on notice to clean-up their mess or the next mass slaughter for allah and muhamad will cause the firing of the Nuke to melt their sacred meteorite inside the Cube and turn mekkah into glass so we can finally get peace in the World with this death cult gone .
      These people do their hajj and circle this Holy meteorite about 7 times and also get to toss pebbles at a big rock that has satan inside it, not to be confused with the stones that ahve allah inside them use to build mosques that are sacred and you must wash your feet to step on them .

  • cmh

    wouldn’t it be more fun to use a cut out of mohammed? in a dress?

  • Karmel

    Creepy. The Turkey was also smiling.