Is the White House a ‘Sleeper Cell’?

“I’m still trying to figure out why Obama — or any high-level U. S. government official other than Eric Holder, who was in Paris but evidently had better things to do — didn’t join the nearly 4 million people who marched throughout France protesting the terror killings at #CharlieHebdo and the Hyper Cacher market. White House press secretary Josh Earnest has admitted the mistake and apologized (perhaps a little wishy-washily, but we’ll give him a pass), informing us that, unfortunately, there just wasn’t enough time to arrange presidential security for the trip.”

  • Exile1981

    The white house is not a sleeper cell; to be a sleeper cell they would have to be hidden waiting for a critical moment when they could do the maximum damage against america. Obama and gang have been open about there plans to destroy the nation. What he is though is a traitorous bastard with delusions of messiah hood.

    • All true.

    • Censored_often

      Aw, c’mon. Hope and change.

      • Censored_often

        I dig it.

  • Achmed
  • DVult

    More likely just sleeping.

  • Islam is a giant brainwashing system. It slowly bends the mind into Muslim intellectual sphere.

    Madrassas are essentially brainwashing centers. Obama spent two years in an Indonesian madrassa.

    Look at the actions of Obama in office. He has consistently on many occasions made preposterous pronouncements aligning himself with Islam. (My favorite is his asinine direction of NASA to outreach to Muslims.) He has even let it “slip” in an interview when he said “my Muslim faith”.

    Obama is simply a low grade Muslim (we are lucky he is not a fanatic). He uses standard taqqia to deceive in the name of Islam. He is the Muslim Manchurian candidate.

    The Paris/Hebdo slip was nothing more than Obama proving he is a brainwashed Muslim. He simply could not realize the significance of this event. His mind cannot realistically process anything counter to Islamic theology.

    Thank you – you foolish liberals for voting this idiot into office. I hope we all live trough his “hope and change”.

    • Entirely agree with this assessment.

  • Xavier

    Why hasn’t Obama been criticized as an admitted apostate?

    • moraywatson

      He is not an apostate. He is practicing murana (and thinly disguised at that).

  • mauser 98

    Josh Earnest is the current White House Press Secretary.
    James “Jay” Carney is former White House Press Secretary now “working” for CNN
    so the White Hut now has 2 press secretaries
    1000’s killed by muslims in Africa and not a peep from Shady Sharpton

  • simus1

    The “leaders marching” part of the demo turns out to have been a faked bit of feel good theatrics as unauthorized and embarrassing photos now in circulation reveal. Emperor Barry was probably also well aware that if he went there was every chance he would have to make do with less than his usual 532 vehicle motorcade.

  • doowleb

    I think the Islamist’s are making the same mistakes they made which predicated the Crusades.
    The West sees itself as ‘civilized’ while the Jihadist’s openly court barbarism.
    As with the Crusades, the West is being challenged and pushed. What history has forgotten is that once the West is pushed against the wall by the barbarians, they will strike back. The Jihadist’s will once again have to be reminded that the West, while decrying barbarism, is absolutely the most barbaric the world has ever seen once they have no other choice. So many through history keep forgetting this lesson.

    • ntt1

      but the west has been hollowed out by post modernist indoctrination from K-12 and university. there is very little chance that any of the early twenty males will rise up to defend anything as moral equivalency has rendered everything as false and illusory. Feminism has forced many into perpetual adolescence and while a war might help change civil societies direction it is unlikely to be soon enough or strong enough

      • doowleb

        I think our youth is much tougher than you can ever imagine. Civilization depends on it.

        • ntt1

          thats why I am worried.

    • minuteman

      I sure hope you’re right.

  • Mark DeFord Eletion

    I increasingly think that most of what the USA does in relation to the middle east is driven by Richard Nixon’s petrodollar agreement with the saudi royal family. That agreement has effectively put the saudi royals in control of much of what the US does both internally and externally. The US economy depends on keeping it in force until a replacement is found, but there seems to be no replacement being considered. Because so many other countries depend on the US having a viable economy, they also fall under the control of the sauds.

    Without the petrodollar agreement, the inflation rate in the US would skyrocket due to excessive government spending, combined with money generation inside the banking system. The agreement causes most other oil-dependent countries to soak up US dollars that would otherwise contribute to uncontrollable monetary inflation in the US. The BRICS countries ( Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) are developing an alternate system of international trade that seems likely to make the petrodollar less relevant. If enough other countries join it, the probable result would be severe US economic collapse, followed by the collapse of many other western countries’ economies.

    If economics seems uninteresting, try to understand the petrodollar, at least. I think it’s the guiding force behind much of what’s been happening. Learn about BRICS too.

    Here’s one article to start you off:

  • moraywatson

    If you haven’t figured out yet that Obama is a muslim you are trying to ignore the obvious.

  • mobuyus

    Obama has so much invested in the peacefull muslim brotherhood.In for a penny in for a pound.There ya go.

  • JoKeR
    You have to visit this link about what happens when

    a communist, a muslim and an illegal alien walk into a bar!