Hindu Nursing Lecturer Hacked To Death For Not Wearing Hijab

The Islamists hacked her to death in broad daylight in Bangladesh and held the horrified onlookers at bay with firearms.

On January 11, 2015, Anjali Devi, 57, was brutally murdered by a group of young men associated with Jamayat-e-Islami.

She was a Hindu, living in Muslim-majority Bangladesh, an honored teacher of nursing at a medical college, a nurse who was concerned with proper hygiene for nurses.

Pic – Bangladesh Rally FOR BLASPHEMY LAWS illustrating that batshit crazy Muslims constitute only a “tiny minority”.

h/t Shobie

  • Clausewitz

    Gee grandpa, can you tell me the fairy tale about how all cultures are the same?

    • Gary

      Go ask Justin or Ben Afflect.

  • eMan14

    Another shit hole to avoid.

  • Xavier

    In two weeks printing articles like this will be a treasonable offense in the States. No I’m not joking.


    • Martin B

      American soldiers are ready to fight & die to defend the Constitution.

      Meanwhile, their Commander in Chief is ready to rip up the Constitution to defend Islam.

    • Frau Katze

      Obama’s a disgrace.

      President Barack Obama has a moral responsibility to push back on the nation’s journalism community when it is planning to publish anti-jihadi articles that might cause a jihadi attack against the nation’s defenses forces, the White House’s press secretary said Jan. 12.

      “The president … will not now be shy about expressing a view or taking the steps that are necessary to try to advocate for the safety and security of our men and women in uniform” whenever journalists’ work may provoke jihadist attacks, spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters at the White House’s daily briefing.

  • Youness

    To think they come here by illegally entering the country in Australia. Then, they come here and complain about being racist with Islam

  • mobuyus

    It’s official now, islam is the only blasphemy in the universe.

  • Canadian

    They don`t need nurses. They don`t need hygiene,.
    Just leave them to die …

  • BillyHW

    Oh no, did someone misunderstand Islam again? This just keeps happening over and over again for some utterly inexplicable reason.

  • canuckistan666

    Dhimmitude corrodes the soul. Hindus, who are a minority in 90% Muslim Bangladesh face dhimmitude daily: their homes and temples burnt or property simply taken over, abductions of Hindu females who are forcibly converted to Islam and can never see their parents again, etc. etc..

  • canuckistan666

    Bangladesh was once part of India and Hinduism is indigenous to India, over 5,000 years old.

  • #Ami bhalo Anjali Devi.

    Pass this hashtag along.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Somewhere in the great beyond, George Harrison is puking.

  • Gary

    Five Browm women were honour-killed via sharia law for NOT wearing the Hijab right here in Ontario , so the Toronto Police and Barbara Hall respond with their Diversity plan to show islamic peace by a new Quota to hire Hijab wearing muslim females to stem the honour killings.
    Nice, so will pedophiles be hired next top stem child rapes ????

  • Gary

    The future doesn’t belong to those that mock the prophet of islam .
    ISIS agrees with Obama and so did the rabid savages in France , thanks Barry .

  • Barrington Minge

    These mooslim murderers brains are so small I wonder that they can function at all.