Greek official refutes claim that Jews don’t pay taxes

The Jewish Synagogue in Thessaloniki, Sunday, March 17 (photo credit: courtesy World Jewish Congress/Michael Thaidigsmann)

ATHENS, Greece — A Greek government official has been forced to clarify that Greek Jews do pay taxes and have the same obligations as every citizen.

“Greek citizens of Jewish faith pay their tax normally like all Greeks and do not enjoy any exemption or extra burden because of their religion,” said Giorgos Kalantzis, the Education Ministry’s general secretary for religion.

Last month, right-wing politician Panos Kammenos said in a television interview that Jews don’t pay taxes.

Kalantzis said he felt compelled to speak out publicly as the accusations by Kammenos had become a part of “the public debate and, mainly, on the dark side of the Internet”…

Although I can understand the feelings that motivate Golden Dawn, they wrecked their movement by not concentrating on the real problem — third world illegal immigrants — not the handful of Jews in Greece.

I have not heard much about them lately – the government seems to have neutralized them. Poor leadership.

Indeed, these people are a menace, since they make Jews fear what the main stream media always calls “far right” movements, even though some of them are openly supportive of Jews and Israel. The “far right” tag is deliberately intended to stoke those fears.  

Some Jews do support “multiculturalism,” but so do many non-Jews — the common denominator is leftism, and a mutated, modern form of leftism at that.  

Many Jews do not support multikulti and we link to them often on this site.