Frau Merkel cannot be happy at this…

Dresden… last night

  • simus1

    If the message can draw huge anti muslim scum crowds outside in the dead of winter, then things are really going to get lively come spring.
    Vote whores like Merkel are totally at sea.

  • Jay Currie

    I am amused at the desperation at the Telly where the report the agreed upon fake number of 25000 marchers and then promote un-verified counter protest numbers in distant cities as being larger.

    The establishment is scared witless by the ordinary people. The Euro-Spring is coming.

  • Yeah, it is scandalous to see how all the MSM are frantically trying to hide and underestimate the number of Pegida participants. They put it at 25,000 when it was probably closer to 40,000. Moreover, they do not clearly tally the number of like-minded marchers in other cities. Then they quickly add the numbers of anti-Pegida everywhere and give a grand total (probably nicely inflated) of 100,000. All this is disinformation – the usual MSM treatment of facts they do not like.