‘Did the Americans plan the Paris terror attacks?’ asks leading Russian tabloid

The front page splash of Komsomsolskaya Pravda

American intelligence services carried out the Charlie Hebdo terror attack to punish France for considering dropping sanctions against Russia – or at least, that’s the version of events presented in one of Russia’s leading newspapers today.

The front page splash in Komsomolskaya Pravda, which asks “Did the Americans Plan the Paris Terror Attack?”, is just the latest of a series of bizarre conspiracy theories put forward by some of the Russian press in the wake of last week’s tragedy.

The headline relates to a page 7 interview with a political scientist called Alexander Zhilin, who links the murders of 16 people at Charlie Hebdo and a Kosher supermarket to disagreements between western governments about how to deal with sanctions against Russia.

The trigger, he claimed, was Francois Hollande’s suggestion on January 5 that sanctions imposed against Russia should be reconsidered.

Such dissent in the ranks, Mr Zhilin suggests, could not be tolerated by the shadowy warmongers who run the United States…

  • Rosenmops

    Wait…I thought the Juice did it. So confusing !

    • Frau Katze

      Depends on which conspiracy nut your tinfoil hat is tuned in to.

      • Alain

        Indeed and every one of the conspiracy theories is as crazy as the others.

  • mobuyus

    I guess the shadowy warmongers running the USA are what Jews?No way not with obama.A cursorary glance at the shape the USA is in, would almost lead me to believe it is being run by the muslim brotherhood.

  • minuteman

    Who knew Haroon Siddiqi had a side gig with a Russian paper!

    • Frau Katze


  • simus1

    Russians must be very bored unimaginative people – when they aren’t drunk behind the wheel flying ass over tea kettle.

  • Minicapt

    The vodka is strong again …


  • DD_Austin

    “Pravda” is Russia’s CBC

    and they’re equally accurate and honest

    • Alain

      Actually the English version is not as bad as the CBC, but they just cannot shake off their knee-jerk anti-Semitism which gets rather tiresome. Some news is actually more accurate than Western MSM, but you cannot believe all they print by any means. The point I am attempting to make is that it is no longer the state run paper that is unwilling to criticise the Russian government on anything, but that does not mean you can trust everything there any more than what one finds in the press here. Of course the Russians have always tended to be big on conspiracy theories, although I am no longer sure they surpass us when one reads comments by so many on other blogs and in response to “news” reported by our MSM.

  • AlanUK

    “Did the Americans Plan the Paris Terror Attack?”
    Next stupid question?