Czech resistance radio antenna used in Reinhard Heydrich assassination discovered

Radio antenne used by the wartime Czech resistance in the planning of the assassination of Nazi chief Reinhard Heydrich have been discovered in an attic.

The two aerials were used by Jiri Potucek, a British-trained Czech agent parachuted into Nazi occupied territory, to communicate with London before and after one of the most audacious resistance operations of the war.

Described by Hitler as a “man with an iron heart” owing to a cold-hearted brutality that shocked even senior Nazis, Heydrich was one of the most powerful and feared men in the Third Reich, and was also one of the architects of the Final Solution.

On May 27, 1942, he was attacked by Jan Kubis and Josef Gabcik, two Czech commandos, as he travelled to work through the streets of Prague in an open-top car.

  • Brett_McS

    The Czechs have left the stone facade of the church where the agents made their last stand as it was, with all the Nazi machine gun damage. They also have a Museum of Communism not far from there. They obviously try to remember history.

  • tom_billesley

    In Septemper, 1937, Heydrich sent two SS officers, SS Hauptscharfuehrer Adolf Eichmann and SS Oberscharfuehrer Herbert Hagen on a mission to Palestine, one of the main objectives being to establish contact with the Grand Mufti.

  • There is an excellent (rather old) movie on this assassination attempt.

    • Freedom

      Yes it is very good, saw it a long time ago.

    • Frances

      Saw it a few years ago. Good movie. But recognized the trolley cars in it – they’d all been shipped to eastern Slovakia and were still in use circa 2005.

  • b_marco

    They really did have snappy uniforms, I don’t care what anyone says. BTW it looks like Hugo Boss has designed the latest Russian postal service uniform as well …