Cherson & Molschky: France After Muslim Terrorist Attacks: Hypocrites on the Front Lines

On Sunday, January 11, 2015, a group of unbending fighters against Islamic terrorism led the “March of Unity” in Paris. In the first line we could see French President Francois Hollande in person, who owes his Presidency to the voices of brothers Kouachi and their ilk.

He promised them more money in the form of social welfare and a simplified procedure for the reunification with relatives who stayed in Morocco-Tunisia-Algeria, and he gave the right to vote to those who are already in France but have not yet gotten their French citizenship.

An immigrant from Morocco or Tunisia is not a citizen of France? It does not matter; he is one of us. And “brothers Kouachi” made Mr. Hollande their President, quite correctly deciding that he is one of them.

Not far from Francois Hollande we saw Manuel Valls, with the placard “Je Suis Charlie,” bubbling his usual nonsensical rant about the “eternal value of the freedom of speech.”

Just a month ago, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls was fiercely “defending” freedom of speech by chasing a very famous French journalist Éric Zemmour, who in his interview with Italian Corriere della Sera and RTL, dared to say that France is facing the threat of losing its national identity because of the uncontrolled immigration, and that “this situation of a people inside a people, of Muslims inside French people, will lead us to civil war. Millions of people live here in France and refuse to live in the French manner”…