#CharlieHebdo New Shooting Video – Assault On Police Car

New video has emerged of the Paris gunmen on the streets of the city after carrying out their attack on Charlie Hebdo last week.

The footage shows the two masked figures calmly returning to their getaway vehicle after murdering staff at the satirical magazine.

The pair reload their weapons, before one shouts: “We have avenged the Prophet Mohammed, we have killed Charlie Hebdo.”

It then shows the gunmen firing on a police car as they made their escape.

The vehicle, lights flashing, is forced to reverse at speed as the killers get out of their own car, aim their weapons and open fire.

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  • Ho Hum

    It sounds to me in the second video that the videographer is laughing? Anyone else hearing that? Does anyone know what they are saying?

  • And this was allowed to happen because…?

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    ‘calmly returning to their getaway vehicle’

    Yes, as has been noted a million times over by the media, the terrorists who slayed 12 people at Charlie Hebdo do seem quite calm as they go about their massacre.

    Staying calm while fighting and killing?

    Guess what?

    There’s a Koran verse for that!……

    Koran 9:26
    But Allah did pour His calm on the Messenger and on the Believers, and sent down forces which ye saw not: He punished the Unbelievers; thus doth He reward those without Faith.


    ‘forces which ye saw not’ = angels…. battle-ready, Islamic angels.

    Religion of Peace, y’all!