America is screwed

h/t Jim Treacher

  • Hard Little Machine

    Not ‘religion’, ‘Islam’, anything else is actually encouraged.

  • Jason

    That IS scary. In fairness, though, I suspect (just a hunch) that had they worded the question as say, “Do Americans have the right to mock any religion?” the results might have been a bit less ugly. “Blaspheme” carries a certain weight with it, does it not (almost by using the term one is implying its validity)? But that’s just a guess.
    Regardless, the message of our right to free speech and its importance needs to be emphasized in our societies, before it is further weakened and perhaps lost altogether.

  • Alain

    Everything depends on how the question was worded, and I suspect unless the poll was hijacked as often happens, people did not see it related to free speech. Many would likely feel that people should not blaspheme religion thinking of their own religion which is different than it being illegal. If I am mistaken there is no hope for our neighbour to the south.

  • Exile1981

    Want to bet the 31.4% that said no also don’t think that it’s blasphemy to bad mouth Christianity?

  • Thinking From First Principles

    We need to persistent and loud in pointing out that Islam itself must necessarily be banned under any blasphemy law as the Quran’s statements about Jesus and the Christian Trinity are clearly blasphemous and insulting to religion as viewed from a Christian perspective. Keep on point with this message whenever the subject of blasphemy and insult to religion is raised.

  • pdxnag


    The Left is a religion.
    They favor the idea of killing apostates, from the Left.

  • simus1

    Electing Emperor Barry twice proves at least 50% of Americans couldn’t find their behinds given a 5 minute head start and the use of both hands.

  • Gareth

    The original survey is not even remotely scientific by the looks of it. It was a google consumer survey. Don’t get me wrong, he US and the West are still screwed, but this particular poll doesn’t really tell us much.

  • Americans do this already. They just don’t do it to a religion that will strike back.