Your morning whine: Islamophobia and the rise of Islamo-bullying

Islam-bashing is in vogue these days. Turn on the TV or radio, pick up a newspaper or venture onto the Internet and you will find a curious trend; Islamophobia and the rise of its natural sibling, Islamo-bullying. As a neologism Islamo-bullying is suggestive of a new and dangerous geopolitical and western cultural trend. That is, civilized, seemingly thoughtful people, holding otherwise good and decent Muslims worldwide hostage to a narrow and altogether unjust view of Islam.

While scholars of Islam, both Muslim and secular, work against the Islamophobia that appears ubiquitous in the media, they argue that the central message of Islam and the Quran is peace and love. This message, they suggest, has been hijacked by a radical and extreme and wholly extra-canonical interpretation of Islam. While there have been radical and extreme interpretations in history, scholars contend that these should not be used as pre-text for Islamophobia as they represent the exception and not the rule…

Continues ranting about Sean Hannity, Bill Maher, Sam Harris and the usual suspects. No counter-arguments given at all. Classic Muslim whining, although the author, one Matthew Fellows, is more likely a useful idiot than a Muslim himself.

  • Exile1981

    Another useful idiot who needs to go live in an islamic nation for a few weeks and see if he changes his tune or if he just goes from idiot to active collusion.

  • Observer

    But we are the real victims here. The “zionists” and the americans are always giving us a hard time. (sarc)

  • Alain

    There is no end to the BS and lies from these traitors. Other than a few blogs there is nothing in the MSM attacking Islam and that includes SNN. I have yet to watch a movie about terrorism where the terrorists are not “radical” Christians or “neo-Nazis” or even Israelis. Correction since once this theme becomes clear I stop watching. The Muslims are always portrayed as victims of hate.

  • roccolore

    Hamas groups like CAIR are crying “Woe is me. I’m the victim.”