Tyranny of the Minority

The shots in the Paris street that were seen and heard around the world killed Ahmed Merabet, a Muslim policeman going to the defense of Charlie Hebdo: a reminder that by no means all Muslims in France, far from it, are France-hating, Allahu-akbar-shouting fanatics, and that many are well-integrated. I go to a Muslim boulanger in Paris whose French bread and pastries are as good as any in the vicinity; and, if anything, I have a prejudice in favor of patronizing his shop precisely to encourage and reward his successful integration. And he is only one of many cases that I know.

Unfortunately, this is not as reassuring as it sounds, because a handful of fanatics can easily have a much more significant social effect than a large number of peaceful citizens.

  • FactsWillOut

    Muslims who do not follow the example of Mo are not Muslims.

    They are apostates.

    The left is simply lamenting the loss of some of their own.
    If it were a conservative outfit, the MSM would be condemning their “insensitivity to Muslims religion”, and if it happened today to a conservative outfit, the puke-worthy MSM talking points would be all about the “contrast” between the killings.
    “Je Suis Charlie” is NOT about freedom, it’s about left-wing indoctrination. Period.

  • Hard Little Machine

    At best, French people are no different from anyone else. Most simply want to ignore this and the rest are happy it isn’t happening to them. None of this will result in any meaningful pushback.

    • pdxnag

      The end game is to reach a point where we can ignore Islam and Muslims because they are not near us routinely raising a ruckus. Wishing it won’t make it happen.

  • kkruger71

    Had to actually laugh about a part of this. So many of the left wing activists on my Facebook feed than post political stuff multiple times a day were absolutely silent about the Hebdo attacks for the first couple days, and funnily enough, most were silent on any other issues too for the time. My guess is they did that so as to not invite questions about why they were pushing more minor issues but ignoring the biggest story happening. Once word came out that one of the officers shot was muslim, all of them were posting memes and articles about him. Suddenly they were ok to talk about Hebdo because they had their rallying point to push the multicultural concept again.

  • pdxnag

    These civilized Muslims must be illiterate and have not listened to any Imam, ever.

  • Excellent article.

    “There is more to fear in one terrorist than to celebrate in 99 well-adjusted immigrants.”

    Read how the number work: http://islamsfatalflaw.blogspot.com/

  • Gary

    The media didn’t pick up on something I noticed about the Muslim Cop that was executed by what the CBC calls ” Gunmen” as if they knew the gender of these thugs.
    My reaction to the LiveLeak.com Video was how the Muslim Cop told the shooter he was a fellow muslim as if to be spared death.
    This causes a few problems for the Media such as why did the Cop assume he would be saved unless he expected this was a Jihad on Unbelievers and that ” I’m one of you , go quickly ” . The next problem is the Islamophobia the CBC loves to expose because I wondered why he knew they were Muslims and not some Right wing group wanting islam to be blamed for it unless he expected muslim to be this barbaric. He didn’t beg for mercy as a Husband and Father of a muslim child, he used his Muslim ID first but got shot anyway .

    So the CBC missed that chance to cry islamophobia , but the CBC did hold back on linking the savages to islam but now holds up the Muslim Cop as a hero as if that mitigates the slaughter like 9/11 where islamic groups now exploit the martyr’s that died that day as Victims too .

    btw, I saw the raw video and the Cop didn’t have his head shot off to spew blood everywhere . So why all the blood in the Rigby beheading video coverage and yet the Muslim Cop is blurred out when i didn’t see a drop of blood.

    6’000’000’000 noon-muslims should not be forced to live in fear of being slaughtered by a Few bad apples just because the 1.400’000’000 muslims have neither the will, nor brains to seek them out and boot from the mosques or report to the Police.
    Enough with the killing and suicide-bombers , clean-up islam or we will do it for you. It will start with Nukes Zeroed in on Mekkah and ready to fire on the next mass slaughter by your brothers which will melt islams Sacred meteorites inside the Cube while turning the whole area into glass.
    Yes folks, 5 times a day Muslims face a Meteorite inside that Black cube because they believe it came from Allah as a sign that muhammad was blessed.
    At least Christians have faith in a Human , but don’t expect the CBC to dare mock people praying to a piece of space junk.

  • cmh

    Just another guy who completely misunderstands Islam

    • Minicapt

      He does; some of his readers are unable to understand him.