Turkish foundation head faces lawsuit after suggesting six-year-old children could marry

Nureddin Yıldız, the head of the Social Fabric Foundation.

The head of a conservative foundation in Turkey has stirred outrage after suggesting that children as young as six-years-old could marry other children or adults, with a number of NGOs and opposition lawmakers preparing to file a complaint for his remarks.

Nureddin Yıldız, whose Social Fabric Foundation particularly focuses on family and education issues, said during a live broadcast on Jan. 10 that there was no age limit for marriage according to Islam.

“Children can even marry before puberty. There can be marriages between children or between a child and an adult – for example, marriage between a seven-year-old girl and a 25-year-old man, or a seven-year-old boy with a 25-year-old woman. There are no inconveniences preventing their marriage,” Yıldız was quoted as saying.

“For Muslims who believe the Quran, there is nothing such as an age limit for marrying. There aren’t any obstacles for marrying at 10, seven or six,” he added…