The Wednesday edition of #CharlieHebdo to include Mohammed cartoons

Wednesday’s edition of Charlie Hebdo will ‘naturally’ contain cartoons of Prophet Mohammed, the magazine’s lawyer has announced

The next edition of Charlie Hebdo, out on Wednesday with a million-copy print run, will “naturally” contain cartoons of Prophet Mohammed, along with jibes against politicians and religions across the board, said the stricken weekly’s lawyer.

Richard Malka was among the first to call for the magazine to continue functioning after nine of its contributors, including famed cartoonists Cabu and Wolinski and its publishing director, Charb, were gunned down last Wednesday by Cherif and Saïd Kouachi.

When asked whether that meant more cartoons of Mohammed, which have been a regular feature in the magazine until last Wednesday’s attack, he replied: “Naturally.”

  • DVult

    After all that, the cartoons are pretty lame. All the dumbasses had to do was ignore them.

  • Censored_often

    Excellent! Never back down! This is the fighting spirit we all need.

  • Exile1981

    Good to see them refusing to back down; of course I suspect the french gov’t of waiting till the publicity dies down then quietly telling the staff that if they continue to publish the cartoons they will loose their police protection.

  • cmh


  • chayisun

    And in Toronto the local rags star, globe, national post quickly had the cartoons on their front pages….Oh, they didn’t? Wonders will NEVER cease. I thought that these garbage pail fillers would take a shot at become, oh I don’t know, like relevant.
    Gutless “newspapers” led by Islamic ass kissing editors. So laughable how cowardly they are.

    AS for me I went for a run wearing my “I LOVE ISRAEL ” sweatshirt past the local den of thieves called a mosque. Felt pretty good, too…..

  • Dorothy

    “And religions across the board….” Which is why, as horrified as any decent person must be about the Islamist murders in Paris, Charlie Hebdo is never going to be any Christian’s favourite magazine. Hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern Christians and the Yazidis are dying for their faith right now. Having a good guffaw at their beliefs as their captors rape and murder them strikes me as rather tasteless.

    • It doesn’t need to be your favorite magazine. That’s immaterial. This is big picture time.

      • Dorothy

        Really. So what are you going to do about it? Send a big cheque to an aid group helping the Syrian victims of Islamic violence, I hope. Or write a book denouncing Islamic violence. Or organize a group to encourage an MP to make face-covering illegal in Canada.

        • What do you want, Dorothy? Blasphemy laws?

          Given the power, would you have banned Charlie Hebdo?

          • Dorothy

            What I want is an end to Islamist violence, especially Islamist violence against Christians. (As a Christian, my first thought is naturally for other Christians.) And also as a Christian I naturally object to blasphemous cartoons of the Blessed Trinity, the Blessed Virgin Mary and other figures I consider sacred. However, again as a Christian, I believe in the separation of Church and State, and so I leave such decisions as banning magazines (terror groups, etc) to the state.

            Blasphemy laws strike me as dangerous. Currently Pakistan’s blasphemy laws have led to the death sentence of Christian Asia Bibi. And in Scotland in 1897 they led to the death of 18 year old Thomas Aikenhead.

          • Well then I guess we’re mostly on the same page. My point is that you don’t need to like Charlie Hebdo French pop culture has always been a total mystery to me. I mean, what the hell heck is this about?:

            We don’t need to like Charlie Hebdo. But we need to stand with it, right now, without equivocation.

          • Dorothy

            I am sure we are mostly on the same page, but I don’t see what standing with it right now means. If it means writing up our own condemnations of Islamist violence and coming up with our own arguments for freedom of speech and expression, then I’m on it.