The Trouser Press #CharlieHebdo

So the man who reckoned Obama would make a great president because of his “perfectly creased pant” thinks that Charlie Hebdobelonged at the “kiddie table“. One of the problems with public discourse in America is that David Brooks is considered what the French call an homme sérieux.

~I have complained in recent days about the horrible, self-flattering, evasiveness of all those pen-is-mightier-than-the-sword cartoons. So (via The Prussian) credit where it’s due to the Berliner Kurier for the front page at right, with the headline “NO! You cannot murder our freedom” and underneath, for once, a cartoon that lives up to it: the Prophet gleefully bathing in blood.

Unlike the Hamburger Morgenpost, they have not (yet) been firebombed.

  • Martin B

    Danke, Berliner Kurier!

    • winniec

      Ja, BIS! Wir sind Berliner Kurier.

  • Dana Garcia

    David Brooks also used the occasion to relegate Ann Coulter to the same kiddie table as Charlie Hebdo, even though she has been right about immigration and Muslims, which are causal elements to France’s self-induced catastrophe.

  • winniec

    Amazing cartoon. It’s right on! The life of Mohammed in the original Islamic writings is the inspiration for their terrorism and it is NOT a misunderstanding or distortion.

  • Frau Katze

    Steyn is bang on about the press:

    The British press has never seemed as out of touch as it is today. All our broadsheet papers are packed with pleas to the people of France, and other European populations, not to turn into Muslim-killing nutjobs in response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre. The Guardian frets over “Islamophobes seizing this atrocity to advance their hatred.” The Financial Times is in a spin about “Islamophobic extremists” using the massacre to “[challenge] the tolerance on which Europe has built its peace.” One British hack says we should all “fear the coming Islamophobic backlash.” And what actually happened in France as these dead-tree pieces about a possible Islamophobic backlash made their appearance? Jews were assaulted. And killed. “Don’t attack Muslims,” lectures the press as Jews are attacked.

  • occupant 9

    This cartoon couldn’t be more accurate.