The Trouser Press #CharlieHebdo

So the man who reckoned Obama would make a great president because of his “perfectly creased pant” thinks that Charlie Hebdobelonged at the “kiddie table“. One of the problems with public discourse in America is that David Brooks is considered what the French call an homme sérieux.

~I have complained in recent days about the horrible, self-flattering, evasiveness of all those pen-is-mightier-than-the-sword cartoons. So (via The Prussian) credit where it’s due to the Berliner Kurier for the front page at right, with the headline “NO! You cannot murder our freedom” and underneath, for once, a cartoon that lives up to it: the Prophet gleefully bathing in blood.

Unlike the Hamburger Morgenpost, they have not (yet) been firebombed.