The death-cult ideology that France prefers not to name

Of course Hollande didn’t want Netanyahu in Paris. The Israeli PM annoyingly insists on speaking about the dangers of Islamist jihad — the murderous ideology that many of those 3.5 million marchers desperately didn’t want to talk about

France rallied on Sunday like its life depended on it. Three and a half million people took to the streets in an unprecedented show of solidarity with the 17 victims murdered by three Islamist gunmen last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. “I am Charlie,” “I am a police officer,” “I am a Jew,” their placards asserted, identifying in turn with each category of victim — the journalists, the cops, the Jews. “We will not be divided,” “We will not be terrorized,” “We will not give up our freedom,” they declared.

  • Exile1981

    Half those leaders didn’t actually want to be there; they would much rather this just went away rather than admit that the multicultural system they rammed down the EU’s throat is the cause of these deaths and the rapid conversion of their socialist paradise into another middle eastern hell hole.

  • Alain

    Naming the ideology responsible will quickly land one before the courts and in jail in the great EU, but one remains free to call for the death of Israel, Jews, gays, infidels, apostates and Western civilisation.

  • roccolore

    France doesn’t want to upset all the moochers.