Update: Sadly Tado the Cat passed away this morning.

Update: Hello everyone. We just received word that Tado passed away a short time ago.

Your donations will make a difference for the family as they will have to settle the details with the vet charged with her care.

I will find out as soon as possible on what that final total is.

Thank you all for the kindness you have displayed.

Your donations will ease the family’s burden considerably.


This is Tado. I have met her. She is a grand old kitty of 14 years.

She shares a home with a reader and their young family. Many of you would recognize Tado’s human.

Here’s the deal. Tado is very ill. The family is needless to say heartbroken.

Her treatment is estimated to cost $1400.00.

Can you help offset this cost? It is a heavy burden for the family to bear at this time.

If you can, please donate to my Paypal account via the link on the sidebar or by using my email blazingcatfur@gmail.com.

All donations will go directly to ensuring that Tado is made well and back home with her family as soon as possible.

Thank you.

  • passerby1969


    I’m sorry about the cat, but at 14 years, she’s had a good cat life. It seems silly to prolong the inevitable.

    • Not to the family it doesn’t and the treatment will help give them more time with their pal,

      • Xavier

        Daisy lived to 23. One never knows do one?

        • Nope, they can live a good long while.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            My oldest cat lives to be 22.
            My current cat “Buster” is 18+ and she still has a few miles left in her.

          • Glad to hear.

    • Xavier

      Got a mirror in the house?

    • Blacksmith

      I have one that is 22 now, It is tough to lose a long time companion.

  • eMan14

    All the very best to Tado.

  • Frau Katze


  • Allan

    Cupcake is in!

    • Thanks Allan! It’s good you have checked your white privilege for the cat;)

    • Xavier

      I was raised to hate cats. Now we have 3. I’m severely allergic to them so the white one sleeps in my face.

      And people don’t believe in karma.

      • Ha!

      • ntt1

        Our cats make like furry torpedos for any one that is in black or might have alergies. It’s not karma just an expression of predatory behavoir.

      • Blacksmith

        I feel your pain, I have a few more than that but only seem to have a bad reaction to a couple, it seems the type of fur makes a difference.

  • Waffle

    Wish you’d been around when I put my poor Suki to sleep one month before her 15th birthday. It was the worst day of my life. Best of luck to Tado.

  • Alain

    I understand the emotional pain and difficulty very well, as I have been through this more than once. Although I have no idea of where they live or who their vet is, there may be another possibility. Last year one of my best dogs, age 7, required surgery that cost $1,700 that we simply did not have. The vet was good enough to allow us to give him post-dated cheques in whatever amount we could afford per month and for as many months as needed. Needless to say we have not paid it off yet, but it shows that not all vets are the same. We are indeed very thankful and our dog is doing great. I write this so that they may also check out that possibility.

    • The vet is waiving some boarding costs already as I understand it but thanks for the heads up Alain.

      • dukestreet

        We did the same with one of our cats.

  • Ozzy is always willing to send a little help, hope it helps her get the treatment she needs. {{{hugs}}}

  • Martin B

    Contribution made, hoping for the best.

  • Brett_McS

    50CAD sent. Good luck, Tado!

  • Martin Luffa
    • Minicapt

      Non Sequitur: : a statement that is not connected in a logical or clear way to anything said before it


      • Martin Luffa

        pointless, as usual

        • Minicapt

          Thank you for the confirmation.


  • Miss Trixie

    Done. My prayers and best wishes to sweet Todo and her doting family.

    • Thanks Miss Trixie.

      • Miss Trixie

        My apologies – Tado.

  • Done. Keep us updated. Hang in there, Tado!

  • Stupid people

    Its a fucking cat. Put it out of its misery. You people are fucking sick. Get a life. You’ll kill babies but, you shamelessly solicit money for a diseased animal. You (the owner) are responsible for the creature’s suffering in the first place. You claim to be amazed at the condition of society and you treat these things as if they are human. Take a look at your own miserable condition. Get a like.

  • Sad news everyone, Tado did not make it.

    • eMan14

      I’m very saddened to hear that. Pass on by best wishes for the family. It must be a huge loss for them.

    • ArmedAndFemale

      Oh no I am so sorry to read the sad news. I lost my 15 year old cat New Year’s Day and know how devastated the family must be. Please pass along condolences and gentle hugs. I know the small contribution I made yesterday will be put to good use. Please keep us posted especially if Tado’s family needs an additional helping hand.

  • Robert McCall

    Very sorry to hear of the passing of this very pretty little girl.My heart goes out to her humans. I lost my best friend of many years not so long ago and can completely share your pain. All the best.

    • Thank you Robert.

    • Blacksmith

      That one resembles my cat Curlie joe AKA faded puddy.

  • David Murrell

    RIP Tado. I am sure you lived a full and loving life, giving love to others.

  • Frau Katze

    So sorry to hear this. You’ll meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

  • SMC_BC

    Tado is on Youtube

  • I cried. Tado had a lot of tortie-tude but would accept head scratches 🙂 You can’t help but be sad if you had a cat. I’ve been hugging Pip all day.

  • ntt1

    Losing a companion animal is never easy,the disparity in life span assures some tough times. I have met several Calycos over the years and they were some of the biggest Characters. Tado looks like a cool cat but he was 14 and the balance is quality of life against prolonged life, We owe it to our pets to provide the best possible quality of life, sometimes that will involve recognition of the end.

  • Brett_McS

    Very sorry to hear that. Condolences to her family.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I am batman

  • New Centurion

    Awwww man that’s just horrible. I just read about her today and sent in a donation. I’ve spent that much and more on a kitty. Vet bills are crazy. Condolences to the family hopfully we’ll be able to ease the burden. I’ve got two kitties myself and can’t imagine what our home would be like without them.

  • What a lovely girl.

  • Jade

    Sad 🙂

  • FactsWillOut

    My condolences.

  • Blacksmith

    My condolences for the loss. I hate to lose a family member dog cat or otherwise.