Sign of the times.

Markham ON. H/T AE

  • Exile1981

    So is it honoring a person or the islamic city in pakistan were he muslims murdered all those kids in the school or the great Buddhist center by that same name?

    • I think they just want to be reminded of Pakistan.

  • Mal

    Too bad the letters can’t be moved around like the Fawlty Towers hotel sign: RAW HEAPS; HARE PAWS; RAPE WASH; A PEW RASH; or my personal favourite, PISS OFF BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Someone should start a petition to have the street renamed.

  • Dana Garcia

    Hmmm, paintball gun fantasy. The urge to aim is strong.

    • Ottawa Eyes

      At least you never suggested dousing the pole and sign with napalm. 🙂

  • Clink9

    Is that where you dump the doggie bags after the walk?

  • jzaik

    I bet a lot of people marry their cousins on that street.

  • DMB

    It will be Canada’s version of Martin Luther King Avenue. It will resemble a third world slum.

  • Observer

    Markham now?

    When I first saw this I assumed it was in Bramladesh (Bramalea).